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Florida on the way to tropical cyclone Eta

Florida on the way to tropical cyclone Eta

2020 Hurricane Season Tropical Cyclone Eta, the 28th hurricane this season, Hit Central America With torrential rains and lashes. Usually a cemetery for hurricanes in Central America – but not Eta. Forecasters are worried that Eta will rebound in warmer Caribbean waters and then head towards Florida this weekend.

Currently, Eta is gradually weakening on Earth, but it is expected to move into the Caribbean on Friday and move northeast. Models are showing some modest reorganization of the system this weekend over the Caribbean and Florida Straits north of Cuba. This route has at least two landfills: Cuba on Sunday and South Florida on Monday.


If Eta lands on the U.S. coast, it will break the record for most named hurricanes to land in the U.S. at 12 hours in a season. If it regains hurricane strength, it will most likely break the U.S. hurricane record.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the tropical storm Eta was inland near the Honduras-Nicaraguan border, moving deeper west into Central America. The system is predicted to be further weakened by the tropical depression, but torrential rains will cause flash floods.

Later this week, Eta will begin to experience the impact of high-level steering in its north, causing the storm to take a sharp right turn, pushing it back over hot North Caribbean waters. Although some intensity is possible, it will be limited at least initially, as it will have to deal with some dry air, high-level wind shear, interaction with the territory of Cuba and limited time.

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By Saturday the system will pass over Cuba as a tropical storm heading south into Florida. How strong Eta will be and how much of the storm will affect South Florida is still uncertain. Most likely it will be a strong tropical cyclone or low-end hurricane every year. Some models show direct success, while others hit the Florida Keys.

Regardless of the exact track, Eta brings very wet weather across South Florida early Friday to early next week. Depending on the track, it may rain more than a foot in some spots.

Rainfall- eta.gif

After the storm crossed South Florida, most models show that it is heading westward into the Gulf of Mexico early next week. The Gulf waters are still warm enough to gain strength once again every year. Although it is too early to know where another landslide will occur, some guidelines suggest that another Gulf Coast landfall is possible by the middle of next week.

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