September 21, 2023

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The first case of H1N2 influenza in Canada was confirmed in Central Alberta


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The first case of H1N2 influenza in Canada was confirmed in Central Alberta.

Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Dina Hinsha and Chief Provincial Veterinarian Dr Keith Lehmann released a statement Wednesday morning in mid – October. There is no danger to the Albertans at this time.

According to the Alberta Government website, H1N2 influenza is known to occur in swine herds worldwide, but it is not caused by eating pork.

The virus was discovered in mid-October after an Alberta patient sought medical attention with symptoms similar to influenza. The patient experienced mild symptoms, was tested and recovered quickly. There is no evidence that the virus has spread further at this time, ”the statement said.

“Health officials, along with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, have begun public health research to identify the source of the virus and verify that it has not spread. The Alberta government will continue to work with the Alberta Health Services, Canada’s public health agency and other partners across Canada.”

The case was first reported in Canada and is ranked 27th worldwide since 2005, Hinsha and Lehman said.

People in central Alberta are offered the Influenza test if they attend the COVID-19 test at the AHS Assessment Center.

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