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Warner Bros. Witches regrets any crime committed against the disabled community

Warner Bros. Witches regrets any crime committed against the disabled community

The funny thing about apologies is that they are so easy once you see some of them Good examples. These are (but certainly not limited to) the perfectly satisfying “we are confused” statement of the attributes we feel: the essence of the action in question is to identify and emphasize the effect of the action stated above the purpose and make a planned modification (or, at the very least, with such bones in the future Promise not to make a combined choice). For good measure, the words “excuse us” should be in the statement somewhere, really, just to lead one home, Sorry for the fact For the harm mentioned above, whether it is intentional or negligent. Warner Bros. has a fantastic opportunity to set a good example after that WitchesAnne Hathaway’s description of the Grand High Witch caused some setbacks in the disabled community. Instead, the studio opted Dwight Shrut Method According to a report, regret and did not identify the problem at its core Expiration.

To back down a bit: In the adaptation of Robert Jemకిkis and Guillermo del Toro’s Rolled Doll Classic, the Grand High Witch is shown as having two missing fingers, classifying those with an organ difference as ectodactyly, or “split hand. ”(You can go for it ExpirationReport for reference image.) Those who know about the original story find that this particular choice is not mentioned anywhere in the novel, i.e. it is only the product of the creative team of production. British Paralympic swimmer Amy Maren called the studio for associating those images with the witches in the film, who should be seen as scary people. “Yeah, I totally know this is a movie, and these are witches,” Maren said. “But witches are not necessarily monsters. My fear is that children will watch this movie without knowing that the Rolled Doll Original will be heavily exaggerated and begin to fear organ differences. ”

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In response, a Warner Bros. spokesman said Expiration Studio “was very upset to learn our description of the fictional characters Witches It upsets people with disabilities ”and it“ sorry for any crime. ”The statement continued:“ In adapting the original story, we worked with designers and artists to come up with a new interpretation of the cat-like claws described in the book. It is not always the intention of the audience to think that fairy, inhuman beings represent themselves. ”

Other companies like Lucky Finn Project Yet Paralympic Games The film has been called, but the studios have not yet commented on the announcement. Witches It aired on HBO Max on October 22 and starred Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tussey and Chris Rock.

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