June 7, 2023

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PS5 Pre-Order | PS5 UK stock update, where to buy, release date

PS5 Pre-Order |  PS5 UK stock update, where to buy, release date

PS5 pre-orders proved something of a roller coaster PlayStation 5 One of the hardest consoles to catch despite the waves of pre-orders.

It has become impossible to find new stock in the UK (and USA), but some consoles increase yield (especially A lot). There are a few places to check when we get to the experiment.

We know that the two consoles available are the main PlayStation 5 (£ 449.99) and the Digital PS5 Edition (349.99). We have all the details, PS5 games, Confirmed PS5 Price And PS5 specs – Still the biggest question is – how can we get one in our hands?

Curries And John Lewis confirmed the new stock November 19 – That’s the start date.

Pre-ordering the week before you start may be your last chance, so fingers crossed and we’ll keep an eye on all the retailers for you. Stockinformer had earlier said it was “expecting a third wave of PS5 pre-orders imminent, which is reported to be available in larger units.”

There are also additional wrinkles going into England’s second national lockdown on November 5- which means we’ll be home when the console comes out. It seems like a good time to play the PS5 when we can not go out- it may not be that easy.

We recommend that you be ready by midnight as the launch date stock is also volatile.

PS5 pre-order deals

At least the next generation machine seems worth the pressure it went to grab one. We can not guarantee you will get the console, but check out the links below for the latest stock.


  • A lot – The last retailer to hold back the PS5 stock
  • Curries PC World – New stock on opening day November 19th. The digital edition has been truncated again.
  • John Lewis – New stock on opening day November 19th
  • Smiths -Pre-orders were out of stock in the past, now.
  • Amazon UK – Pre-orders, now out of stock.
  • The game – Pre-orders, now out of stock.
  • AO.com – Pre-orders, now out of stock.
  • box.co.uk – Pre-orders, now out of stock.
  • eBay – Stock Live, mostly re-selling so be careful with prices.


When can I pre-order a PlayStation 5?

We have good news Curries And John Lewis The certified new stock is coming in on November 19th – so that means you can’t guarantee that you will have one on release day, you have a chance. We will update this page when we hear more and surprising third-wave pre-orders become available.

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Pre-orders went live on the first wave (September 17), There were some issues with showing the PS5 page for websites to purchase, but the product was not picked up so quickly. Another round of pre-orders went live on September 25. For the most part, pre-orders are only available for the standard PS5 and not the cheapest digital edition.

GameStop Recently announced more stock, but there are no Amazon Prime Day deals on the PS5, which is to be expected for such a new console. The dualSense controller is back in stock A lot, AO.com And The game.

Most of us have been told that pre-listed consoles have sold out and are still on the way. We thought retailers would have more stock as the November 19 PS5 release date approaches – which is not the case now. It is very rare for them to have enough stock to meet the demand, even if they are high, in the hope that any new stock will be lost in the flash if it appears high before launch day.

PS5 Pre-Order UK


Curries PC World

A lot

The game

Smiths Toys

John Lewis

We will update you when more stores get stock and when it becomes available. “We are working tirelessly to get more stock,” Curries said. We aim to check this out regularly, but it’s still worth checking out the ones above to see if the stock has returned!

PS5 accessories

Also PS5 console accessories are on sale. Includes dual-sensor controller, Pulse 3D headset or media remote. We are also the best PS5 accessories To pre-order. Don’t forget that most PS4 games are still worth buying – read on PS5 backwards compatibility.


DualSense Controller

DualSense charging station

GameWear PS5 Dual Charger

PS5 Fast Charge Twin Charging Dock

HD camera

PS5 Media Remote

Pulse 3D headset

Can I pre-order my PS5 on lockdown?

News that a second national lockdown was on its way to England a little intimidated those interested in playing next-gen consoles. Lockdown currently lasts until December 3 – long after the release of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Online orders should hopefully be delivered without issue, what does this mean for those of us who have ordered from? Store that closes due to unnecessary?

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Well, the glimmer of hope that comes from advertising and it can be found in the word ‘click and collect’. Stores like GAME and Smyths are not physically open, are allowed to be clicked and collected and it seems that those shops and others on the same boat are now considering how to run it.

The Smiths have done it before, so it stands to reason that they will do the same thing again, hopefully, this will be the context in which the logistics work before GAME follows.

The game has already released some ads via Twitter

Currently it only mentions the Xbox Series X, however, the now-deleted tweet previously mentions the PS5 along with it. It is unclear why it has changed since then to mention the Microsoft console.

Bookmark this page and we’ll keep you updated with lockdown conditions as soon as we hear more – it should be around the corner any day with release dates.

When will the PS5 be back in the UK?

You know the pre-order release didn’t go to plan when the company behind it came out and agreed. The Official PlayStation Twitter account Recently “Be honest: PS5 preorders can be very sensitive. We really apologize for that.”

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We admire their honesty! Well, with difficulty. The game, Smiths, A lot, Amazon And regular retailers went live with the stock overnight, but it was quickly picked up. Argos soon went live, but it also sold out. John Lewis The next one went live – and even sold out in minutes.

The good news is that they have promised that pre-orders will go live soon and we do not know the exact date, or if this applies to any retailer, which is a good sign that all hope has not been lost- it is even less likely now. GameStop got stock on October 13th, which shows that there is more stock, so keep an eye on our links ‌

Even now, they were able to catch someone who could not get the console on launch day as they had hoped. Customers purchased by Shop photo They risk that they have to pay their balance manually before the release or that the PS5 they are assigned will go to someone else.

“Failure to pay by October 31st will result in termination of the verification day for your pre-order, your console will be automatically assigned to the next customer in the queue and we will not be able to reassign the console to you. Please do not pay in advance if your pre-order is not confirmed the first day. ”

WARNING: When the stock is ripe, there may be times when you are lucky enough to find a retailer with the stock. Both Game and Curries PC World used cue systems that were free of issues. Finally the waiting time for the two retailers to check the fans was over an hour.

PlayStation 4 deals

PlayStation 4

Perhaps you have not yet joined the PlayStation world and are considering investing in an old console rather than a brand new spanking. If so, here are some deals Black Friday For the PlayStation 4 you are interested in.

For more help, see our comparison PS5 vs PS4 And for more offers, see the best ones PS4 Black Friday deals.