June 7, 2023

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Meghan Wolf, administrator of the Wisconsin Election Commission.

The Wisconsin Chief Electoral Officer said all votes are now being counted statewide, except for a small town with less than 300 voters.

Wisconsin Election Commission administrator Megan Wolfe told a news agency this morning that all unofficial results came from municipal clerks across the state.

To Wolf’s knowledge, all votes were counted statewide, “except for one township with less than 300 voters, and they are working to complete and post their ballots.”

“We have no reason to believe that there are other ballots that have not yet been counted and included as part of the unofficial sums,” Wolfe said.

What comes next: Although almost all jurisdictions reported voting totals, Wolf said the state official results would not be confirmed until Dec. 1.

Now, municipalities are starting the process of double-checking the results, she said.

“Today is the 4:00 pm deadline for municipalities to begin their canvas process and guide their materials to counties to begin their verification process at the county level,” Wolfe said, adding that the ballots will be checked by local and county levels once, and then by the state.

“When the results were verified under state law at a public meeting held at the Wisconsin Election Commission on December 1 and we had an official winner,” she said.

This is important because if election results are legally challenged, one must wait until December when the results are official.

“All of this can be observed in public. You can look in your local communities. If you have any doubts about this process, get involved,” Wolfe said.

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“I am 100% confident in the elections they conducted,” she said.