June 7, 2023

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A Georgia judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Republicans over ballot counts

A Georgia judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Republicans over ballot counts

Allegheny County will not count more ballots until tomorrow because there are court orders on 29,000 controversial ballots, according to county officials.

However the county is still preparing for the count tomorrow.

“They are processing them, no one is on leave. They are working,” Fitzgerald told CNN.

Allegheny executive Rich Fitzgerald said there were about 36,000 ballots left to count. Beyond the court-ordered pile, there are 2,800 partially damaged in the county and another 4,000 need to be evaluated due to issues such as missing dates or signature issues.

In addition, 500 ballots were mailed yesterday before the election.

Fitzgerald said the governor’s office told the county that 10,000 ballots were received statewide Wednesday after the election.

The order comes from a legal challenge to misprinted ballots to be re-issued to some voters. The county agreed not to count the potential pool of reprinted ballots until 5pm local time on November 6, the deadline to receive mail-in sent by election day.

Allegheny County poll workers are not counted today because most of the remaining ballots in the county are controversial piles. Allegheny executive Rich Fitzgerald said they would continue to process the ballots on Thursday, but they could not scan them.

County Council member Bethe Hallam said the county should be given more information about what is going on.

“There is nothing harmful here,” Hallam added. “The lack of more information about what they’re really doing today is frustrating.”

According to CNN’s internal county communication, “election department staff use the day to do administrative work.” They will resume counting on Friday.

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UPDATE: This post has been updated with additional details from the county authorities.