May 30, 2023

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Bayern won 3-2 over Dortmund

Bayern won 3-2 over Dortmund

Hansie Flick has been in charge of the first game for almost a year Bayern Munich In the Bundesliga, the two rivals met once again for another important der Classicer match. Borussia Dortmund Created some good opportunities, but their opposition failed clinically. Despite much danger to Bayern’s backline, the Dortmund attack eventually fell, failing to beat the reigning champions. The match awards are here:

Jersey Swap: Earling Holland

If the Dortmund attack had given more support to Holland, the scoreline would have been completely different. The 20-year-old repeatedly pushed himself into threatening positions and sent the ball over the face of a goal waiting to be tapped. Unfortunately on the home side, they were never able to overload the box or gain extra body in the attack in support of the youth. Norwegian.

After coming close on both occasions and missing the target, Holland finally scored in the 83rd minute. If you went according to his statistics it was not a pretty picnic, but it was very dangerous, his teammates were able to overcome his dismissals throughout the game.

Bomber: Thomas Mల్లెller

Thomas Mల్లెller His usual roaming roaming route self. Commanding and coordinating the Bayern press out loud from the front, Mర్ller successfully played a key part in all the successful games of the Bayern play together. M ముller, who kept the Dortmund defense busy, was able to grab their attention from the start, opening the pockets of space for Bayern to exploit. He recorded a total of 6 chances created while completing 3 of his 4 drop attempts.

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The highlight of his game came just before half time when Bayern scored a gentle free kick from the training ground experiment book. Mల్లెller’s brilliant first touch puts the ball perfectly David Alaba Before half the time to equalize the important time.

Following the unfortunate injury of Joshua Kimmich, Goretzka increased his share of defensive duties. Leon, however, rose to the occasion and took possession of the midfield. In addition to his absolute physical presence, Leon made a total of 9 recoveries with his understanding of causing significant disruptions. Lyon harassed the opposition players and flew at them if they saw an opportunity to steal the ball.

Overall, Leon made 4 interceptions and won 3 of his 3 tackles. Pretty much the performance from the 25-year-old who topped with a goal from that opening title that runs straight into Roman Burke’s gloves.

Emperor: Lucas Hernandez

Photo by Lars Baron / Bundesliga / Bundesliga Collection by Getty Images

Lucas Hernandez slowly but surely shows everyone why exactly Hansie Flick has a headache when Alfonso Davis returns from injury. The French guy is quietly adding consistent performances. Lucas stuffed Sancho in his pockets, against one of the best and most orderly since Jadon Sancho showed his talent in Europe. The former athlete completely cut off supplies from Dortmund’s right wing. Mats Hummels Prioritized the easy choice and repeatedly played long diagonal balls for Geo Rena instead of Sancho.

Against strong opposition from Axel Witzel, Thomas Delaney and Thomas Mounier, Lucas did wonderfully to own and win important duels against them. He proved to be a stronghold for Bayern on the left, winning 8 of the 12 duels in which he participated. Although not the best, Lucas also dominated his aerial duels, winning 3 of 4 attempts. His contribution to the attack with a fine cross to help sweeten this excellent defensive performance Robert Lewandowski For Bayern’s second goal.

Meister of the Match: Robert Lewandowski

The big pole had another hat-trick to his name, but two of his three goals were not allowed by VAR. Levy’s first disallowed goal was a stunning sliding finish from Gnabry Cross, which was only an inch offside. His second was a stunning display of a good cross from Lucas Hernandez. The second goal was important to reduce the pressure on Bayern, while at the same time attacking Dortmund and forcing them to make mistakes.

Despite a goal and help, it is far from the best performances of 32 years. He struggled with the duels, scoring only 6 of 17 runs. Levy, however, showed when it was necessary to give the team a score and give Bayern the lead at an important stage in the game. The machine continues!