June 3, 2023

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How Kim’s Convenience Star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee Came to the Mandalay

How Kim's Convenience Star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee Came to the Mandalay

Move on, Baby Yoda, Daddy has entered the Star Wars universe.

Kims convenience Star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee has moved from his role far behind the counter to a galaxy – specifically, a galaxy Mandolorian.

The Disney Plus show premiered the second episode of its second season on Friday, starring Lee fighter pilot Carson Teva.

Lee has worked as an actor – on stage and on screen – for decades, most recently winning two consecutive Canadian screen awards for his role as a family patriarchal dad on CBC. Kims convenience.

Lee is an avid casplayer outside of his work as an actor, known for this Intricate costumes and props He creates for characters Star Wars And Ghost Busters Movies.

Lee’s performance Star Wars The series has led to reactions from fans and colleagues. Fellow Kims convenience Actors Simu Liu and Andrew Fung both tweeted their congratulations.

Lee says his journey Star Wars It all started in 2018 when he flew into an old friend Deborah Chau from his days working in Toronto’s Factory Theater. He and the cast Kims The media were in LA for the celebration of Asians.

Chou said she was shooting a show called Mandolorian And executive producer Dave Filo told fans Lee Kims And wanted to write him a piece.

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Lee learns that he is playing the role of a new Republican pilot, crossing paths with a nominal ount lead hunter.

His passion for making clothes became useful. During fitting, wardrobe department members struggled to figure out how to attach the ejection saddle when Lee intervened.

“I said, ‘If you guys don’t care, I’m really made this outfit and I have subtle photos of how it works on my phone.'”

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Actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee describes how an opportunity meeting with a friend from his theater days introduced him to Dave Philo, the executive producer of The Mandolorian. 1:28

But Lee had nothing to do with what came next. The wardrobe department wanted a photo of him dressed, but his helmet was still being painted, so they took a prop from the original Star Wars Image.

Lee said the helmet was found the moment they were uncovered.

“I know the pattern so I’ll see. ‘Is this Big’s helmet?’ And they say, ‘Yes, how do you know?’ Because I’m just saying it myself. “

So Lee, lifetime Star Wars The fan began to cry, holding the helmet of Bigs Darklighter, a minor character from the original 1977 film, over his head.

“Because it’s one of the first movies I ‘ve ever seen with my dad, my sister – and I do not hesitate to catch up, let’s wear some piece of my history over my head.

In February, the day finally came when Lee went to a studio in Los Angeles to shoot the episode. There he sat in the cockpit of the X-Wing Fighter, remade from the 2016 Star Wars movie Very tough, In full revolt pilot gear. Using LED screens to project the atmosphere around him, Lee swam up the simulated starfield and sat on a rocking spaceship.

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“I’m five years old again,” he said. “I was transported so far, to that galaxy, [I’ve spent] Watching movies all my life. Finally not wanting to be there, to sit there, to leave. “

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Paul Sun-Hyung Lee describes a passionate moment at a time appropriate to his role as a Mandolorian. 1:01

For Lee, it was not just being part of the films that inspired him, but how his involvement inspired others. Young, Korean-Canadian Star Wars The fan said he was disappointed and that there was no one who looked like him in the movies. “We expect the galaxy to shout out loud,” he said, “there must be room for infinite combinations.”

Lee said Star Wars Always about hope and doing the right thing. He was encouraged by the more inclusive casting of the franchise and he was happy to play the role.

“A Korean-Canadian Star Wars The universe gives many people hope that dreams will come true. This is achievable. Briefly Star Wars for me. ”

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Actor and longtime Star Wars fan Paul Sun-Hyung Lee describes the experience of playing the role of an ex-wing pilot in The Mandolorian. 1:32