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USS Discovery is thriving on what we’ve seen before – Trekmovie.com

USS Discovery is thriving on what we've seen before - Trekmovie.com

The following is the analysis Spoilers (And potential spoilers) for Discovery Season three.

Today, two years ago, the Star Trek: Short Treks The episode “Calypso” begins. This good repetition of Greek mythology on the USS Discovery Board appeared to be an independent story at the time. But when Star Trek: Discovery For the third season we will jump ahead in the future, we Suggested that there might be a connection This is mysterious Small treks Episode. Now that we’re in four episodes, we’re starting to see some big connections to “Calypso”, which opens up some intriguing possibilities. Season three seems to be introducing (or re-introducing) a fascinating and familiar character.

“Calypso” Refresh: USS Discovery is abandoned and “Zora” is left in care.

“Calypso” tells the story of a “reluctant” soldier named Kraft (Aldis Hodge) who wakes up on a completely empty USS Discovery. He was left in an escape paddle and rescued by the ship, or more specifically, an AI named “Zora” who took care of the ship after the crew left it a long time ago. Craft Alcore IV came from the planet and is at war against “V’draysh”.

Kraft wants his family to return home, but Zora orders him to continue the position. Together for a while, Zora and Kraft grow closer and dance together to a song from Zora’s favorite 1957 musical. Smiley face. Eventually, Zora prepares the ship’s last warp-capable shuttle and gives it to Kraft to return home after naming it “Funny Face”.

Holographic Zora dances with Kraft‌ at USS Discovery

Connection # 1: V’draysh Confederation

“Calypso” introduced Alcore IV and “V’draysh” to Star Trek. The craft was found on a V’draysh escape pod, which repeats the old one Betty Boop Cartoon. He noted that V’draysh was very fond of “relics from a long time ago,” suggesting some connection to the earth. Michael Chaban, co-author of “Calypso” confirms “V’draysh” in Instagram Q & As Syncop For “Federation”, but it is never shown on-screen canon.

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However, with the second episode, everything changed Star Trek: Discovery Season three. Speaking of A Pidgin In common parlance, the 32nd century courier repeatedly referred to the Zara Confederation as “V’draysh”. He called Saru “V’draysh Captain”, he should know Pidgin. Commenting on the declining state of the Confederacy in the 32nd century, Burn said, “V’draysh has officially reached its zenith.”

Zareh talks about “weedresh” in “away from home”

Connection # 2: Spherical Data Discovery is merging with the computer

The reason given for the need for USS Discovery to leap into the future was to protect downloaded data from the ancient and dying Spear Life form encountered in episode four of Season Two. Capturing Section 31, the “control” AI is determined to turn this data into sentiment, which the staff has learned (from a warning message from the future) that will wipe out all lives. After defending himself from deletion and self-destruction, Spear merged with Data Discovery and has the potential to escape through time travel.

Staff periodically tap on spear data to assist with their missions. Then, in the latest episode of Discovery (“Forget me“), Spear Data suddenly became more active by engaging in a discussion with Captain Saru, who was in contact with the ship’s computer for ways to increase courage. After Saaru got bored with computer instructions, the interface changed to a new bell, and a more natural tone greeted him with “hello” for the first time. After referring to 20th century comedy films as a way to make staff laugh again, Saru noticed new insights into the computer and requested a Level 10 diagnostic, pointing out that these types of connections go beyond the computer’s simple algorithms.

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Later, after taking computer advice for Movie Night, Saru stated, “Sphere data was transmitted to us here to protect it. It lives in Discovery. Because we are now inextricably linked, perhaps he wants to protect us now. ”

Spheres data jump in conversation with Captain Saru in “Forget Me”.

Theory: Spherical data is booming

The big thing that connects all of this to “Calypso” is how the voice of the computer changes after working on itself. For three seasons Discovery, The voice of the computer is performed by actress Julian Grossman using a very monotone robotic style. However, after the spear data appeared on the screen and the computer started talking about old movies, the voice became more natural. Most importantly, it was voiced Annabelle Wallis, Who provided the voice on “Calypso” for Zora. In fact, Zora also liked old movies and popcorn.

However, this new spear version of the computer is short-lived. In episode 304, the computer returns to its normal tone to ensure that the juice is “fully functional”. This indicates that the sphere data has not yet been fully integrated with the ship’s computer, or it will choose when to launch itself. In “Calypso”, Zora talks about how she spends her time “evolving”, although the crew seems to have communicated with Zora before their departure — remember, she told Kraft‌ that she was instructed to continue her position after the crew left.

Another connection to the spear data is Zora’s interface in “Calypso”. Across the ship, there are circular screens that she uses to monitor the ship and communicate with the craft. Zora also showed moving objects on the ship “Calypso” (like when she was playing chess with Kraft), which is possible using the “programmable matter” we saw in the 32nd century, which had not yet been seen on the ship. Programmable content may help Zora perform surgery on the craft or discover the robot doctors seen in episode 304 who worked on Gray and Adira.

We can expect Spear Data to continue into the third season. So, at some point the computer is likely to outperform with this intuitive and more intelligent AI. The ship is said to be a character with all the Star Trek shows, so it is in keeping with tradition. Being connected to an AI ship opens up many character opportunities determined to help the crew and its rise, which eventually becomes loud, also introduces dramatic losses or humorous possibilities.

One of the Zora interfaces in Calypso

Big question: timeline

Everything discussed here, from the use of the word “V’draysh” to the beginning of Spear Data (voiced by the same actress as Zora) to the computer interface, all fit together with 32nd or possibly USS Discovery. 33rd century. However, crew told Zoracraft that she had been on her own for “almost a thousand years” after leaving the ship. We never learned why they went; All she could say was “the staff is away right now.”

According to Zora, the “Calypso” must have been erected in the 42nd century or later. But this means that the 32nd-century Pidgin word “V’draysh” is still used extensively in the future. It also implies that the Confederacy is at war with peace-looking people like Kraft. It has implications for the mission of the third season, which is to restore the Confederation and peace.

Zora is actually likely to lie to Kraft‌, a recurring theme in “Calypso”, in which the two characters call each other “liars” at different points. Zora was reluctant to reveal that Discovery had jumped over time, which would be considered a breach Temporary contracts. If this happens, “Calypso” will fit in well after 3189 when the future USS Discovery arrives.

What to see in the third season

Although the evidence for the evolving spear data in Zora seems to be open and closed, the show has used the wrong direction in the past, so we did not put “Theory Confirmed” in the title. So before we close the case we will keep the actual references to “Zora” or the installation of those circle interfaces or anything else public.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you watch this season. Mention may be made of Alcore IV: Zora has no records of Alcore having any bases, stating that her records are “old”. Another thing to look for is any hint of something unnamed and poor Class c Take Discovery before leaving the 23rd century. The names of the shuttle zora could be “funny face” to give it to the craft.

The last class of the Discovery C shuttle

What do you say?

Do you understand all this? When do you think Calypso is set? Let us know in the comments below.

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