September 27, 2023

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The world’s first staff hyperloop trip was a success

The world's first staff hyperloop trip was a success

Sarah Lawson

In a pre-test call with Engadget, Virgin Hyperloop representatives told us that the focus was heavily on security, which could provoke travel. Both ran through the tube and showed different exit points and procedures to ensure that if things failed, they could get out of the capsule. Hyperloop said the couple will be in constant consultation with the company control desk during the test.

The couple traveled in the newest, second generation Hyper Loop Pod, XP-2’s code name, “Pegasus Pod.” The XP-2 is designed to seat two passengers comfortably. Both seats have beef five-point saddles, which you will find in race cars, but they are the only variation used for testing. This is because the pod is designed to reflect the actual hyperloop journey in as many ways as possible and the actual contents are reversed like a subway ride rather than a rocket.

Interior shot of the XP-2 of the Virgin Hyperloop "Pegasus Pod" The first crew performed a hyperloop test on the inside.

Thomas Yim / Virgin Hyperloop

To maintain a comfortable experience for acceleration and braking, the capsule speed in this test was limited to 107 miles per hour. This is less than half the top speed of the pod in the tube, which is the maximum end 240 miles per hour During the exams in late 2017. It is mostly up to the length of the tube: 500 meters is not enough to reach the speed the company promises to reach. A higher speed is likely to be demonstrated when a second hyperloop facility is built West Virginia.

A company spokesman told Engadget, “This is our moon landing.” Demonstrating that the pod is safe for human use was a major milestone in its journey. It encourages more investors and Regulators The next step in its evolution was to get on board to help Bankroll.

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