May 28, 2023

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Trudeau and Biden share commitment to fight pandemic and climate change in first post-election chat

Trudeau and Biden share commitment to fight pandemic and climate change in first post-election chat

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today spoke with US President-elect Joe Biden about their partnership priorities, including the fight against the pandemic war and climate change.

Trudeau said on Twitter this afternoon that he had spoken with Biden and congratulated him on his election.

“We have already worked with each other and we are ready to address the challenges and opportunities facing our two countries, including climate change and COVID-19,” he tweeted.

Earlier today, Trudeau praised Kamala Harris’ “historic landmark” in the United States by electing him to the country’s second highest office.

At a news conference in Ottawa, Trudeau congratulated Harris and Biden and said he looks forward to working with them to address common challenges and opportunities. He said Harris’ success sends an important message.

“For many in Canada and around the world, seeing a woman – and a black and South Asian-American woman – elected as the next Vice President of the United States is an inspiration and a reminder that everyone’s voice belongs to politics,” he said.

Biden defeated Donald Trump to become the 46th president of the United States after garnering enough college votes on Saturday.

U.S. networks announced his victory as election officials counted a record number of mail-in ballots. Although Trump is vying for some state results, Biden has surpassed the required 270 electoral college votes with a victory in his home state of Pennsylvania.

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Watch / Kamala Harris makes the first speech after announcing her US VP-elected:

In her first speech as Vice President, Kamala Harris conveyed the message of being the “last woman” to hold office that resonated with women in the US and beyond. 3:01

Trudeau expressed ‘confidence’ in the US electoral system

Asked if he would soon congratulate Biden, Trudeau said Canada was “very sure” of the results, because of the vote count on U.S. officials and companies.

“We have confidence in the processes that are operating in the United States,” he said.

Trudeau said he would work with the current Trump administration until Jan. 20, when Biden will be sworn in.

When asked about Trump’s refusal to accept defeat, Trudeau said his focus was on protecting Canadian interests.

Watch / Women Respond to Harris’ Historic Success:

Different American women explain what it means for Kamala Harris to be elected the first woman Vice President of the United States. 2:37

Other Canadian politicians also congratulated Biden and Harris on their victory.

Green Party leader Annami Paul released a statement today urging the government to take cooperative action to protect the rights of refugees and address climate change.

“In the fight against climate emergencies, Canada must always strive to punch more than its weight and show leadership in international efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions,” she said.

Paul urged the leaders of the two countries to follow the carbon tariff scheme on imports from countries with weak environmental records. She also called for the resumption of the Safe Third Country Treaty, which requires refugees to seek asylum in the first “safe” country where they can seek asylum.

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