March 31, 2023

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Xbox Series X vs. Series S, Explained: The Biggest Differences You Need to Know, including Price, Memory and more

Xbox Series X vs. Series S, Explained: The Biggest Differences You Need to Know, including Price, Memory and more

There are two versions of the Next-Gen Xbox that will be released this week – the Series X and Series S – the biggest occasion worldwide for video games over the years.

Recognizing the conflicting desires of serious and ordinary consumers, Microsoft has targeted specific price points for devices that have different levels of hardware innovations. Rival PlayStation 5 is taking a similar approach.

It is reminiscent of the computer, tablet and phone industries, which are popular for selling simple and custom models of top products.

Xbox console variants are coming to the US on November 10th. Each is shipped with a controller and an HDMI cable.

You can find additional details about the pair of Xbox systems below:

What is the Xbox Series S?

The Xbox Series S is the cheapest of the two 2020 Microsoft console releases. While it may not have all the features of the Xbox Series X, it is an important step from the very old Xbox One.

Xbox Series X Price vs Xbox Series S Price

The Xbox Series X is $ 500, while the Xbox Series S is $ 300.

This year’s models are, perhaps, better worth the console that came before them.

When is the new Xbox release date?

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be out on Tuesday, November 10th.

Differences between the new Xbox consoles

Below is a technical comparison that prospective buyers need to consider before choosing their Xbox.

The Series S looks different, the Black Series X comes in white and takes up much less space than its counterpart. In fact, the Series S is the smallest Xbox ever produced.

What does this mean for the future of gaming?

The discs are dead.

Well, not yet, but they will soon be extinct in the video game realm. The Xbox Series S is another example of their declining trend. Console manufacturers have many financial advantages in avoiding game disc sales and consumers have some big drawbacks. With no game sales of physical disks, more and more people will have to buy new games online. In addition, having a virtual store at the fingertips of gamers makes it more appealing to regular purchases than asking customers to go to brick and mortar outlets to get games.

Game collectors are increasingly blamed for the deterioration of disks, because the long-term obvious pleasure of a physical copy is not replicated by download-only editions.