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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Odyssey does not sell XP Boosts like

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Odyssey does not sell XP Boosts like

The newly launched Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has optional cosmetic extras and time saver packs in its game-shop similar to Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey. But, unlike Odyssey, Valhalla does not sell any XP Boost packs.

Back in 2018, when Odyssey launched, Kerffill was on the verge of selling temporary XP Boosts as part of its in-game store offering. Odyssey has leveled you off very slowly, and you need to be engrossed in the side-content‌ that some would like to ignore to see the endings of this game (there are three of these!) Turn the century.

Instead, Valhalla offers a wide range of optional cosmetics for your character, ship and mount, including the ability to buy more of the game’s tattoos for the first time, familiar with your crow (instead of the eagles of previous games) and decorations for your Viking solution of Raven‌storp. You do not have to pay to do any of these tasks, mind you, but these cosmetics offer many more options.

When launched, one of the most eye-catching options is the Dragher theme, which gives the characters a skeletal look and green glowing eyes and a gilded Valkyrie theme with gold armor. The two themes offer their own armor set, gear, mount and crow if you want to coordinate everything.


In terms of the factors that actually affect gameplay, there is once again the ability to purchase time-saver packs that highlight where funds and locations are on the map instead of finding out for yourself. I love the process of being 50 hours deep in Valhalla and unraveling the secrets of its world organically, so I don’t know why you would want any of these.

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There are also game-resources and packs of currency that you can find in good amounts all over the open world. I do not know why you want to buy these, but you can. Again, after spending more time with Odyssey, there is no need to grind any game-resources to play and progress naturally.

As always, you cannot buy these cosmetics directly with real world money. Instead, you buy Helix Credits packs ranging from $ 500 (£ 3.99) to $ 6600 (39.99). And no, like the man who bought the Helix credits at Odyssey, the rest of the game will not reach Valhalla.


Finally, there is a section in the Game-Shop for add-ons that includes items that are actually available for real world money from your console store – such as Valhalla’s Season Pass, which will eventually add new map areas set in Ireland and France.

This is also where you can find some pre-order packs, which are usually available separately at Origins and Odyssey. Here I want to highlight one cosmetic item that people think they are going to enjoy: the ability to turn your horse into a hulking white wolf in general. (Available in the Berserker pack.) This is not the only one Wolf mount It has its own animations, but it sits and screams whenever you climb up and leave it standing around.

I was often in the middle of a quest and heard it crying in the background and felt bad for sitting there. Actually, maybe you should not accept the poor.

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It is very clearly the best mount in the game.

Want to pay? As always, there is a way to grind cosmetics by making inquiries from a particular merchant who will set up shop in your settlement‌ upon arrival in England. As these daily and weekly quests (mostly going somewhere to kill something) loosen the opals, the new currency in place of Odyssey’s Orichalcum is less likely to be found around the open world. Opals can be exchanged for specific cosmetics as the merchant wanders in and out of stock.

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Giving the wolf a spin.

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