May 28, 2023

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What the law and state election rules say

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Instead of dragging out a small sample of ballots, Rafensperger plans to audit each ballot. According to the Secretary of State, the sample was over 1 million ballots, so Rafens‌perger decided to justify the full count based on the proximity of the race.

“You have to recalculate all the ballots by full hand, because the margin is very close right now,” Rafens‌perger said.

Georgia’s recount rules do not allow hand counting.

The state election board rule, passed this year, was backed by Rafens‌berger Scanned recounts only.

Election Integrity Lawyers Said the protester, But state election officials said the scans were faster and more accurate. The audit process was backed up as a way of checking the accuracy of tables by looking at ballots without relying on computers.

Election law lawyer Bryan Sells said Georgia’s rules and regulations do not authorize the Secretary of State to jump from audit to full hand-based recount.

“If the goal here is clarity, the Secretary of State should not step into the dirty legal territory,” Sales said. “No questionable calls should be made to give either side a chance to question the legitimacy of what the Secretary of State is doing here.”

The Secretary of State said the audit of the full ballot count was merit and approved. The Secretary of State allows the Secretary of State to determine the risk limit of “not more than 10%”, which means that the Rafens‌perger limit can be set at a lower level, which must be calculated in full.

Voting Works, a non-profit organization hired by the Secretary of State to conduct the audit, said it was easier to maintain a full account than to pull a large sample size.

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“In the case of Georgia this year, the sample size required is very large – more than 1.5 million ballots – sampling each cast ballot is less work because trying to audit a large subcommittee will result in the retrieval and replacement of specific ballots. Not when reviewing all ballots,” said VotingWorks. Executive Director Ben Adida Wrote On its website.

State and county election officials agreed Wednesday that hand recounts can introduce more errors than computer scans. But they said the recount was worth checking out the workings of Georgia’s voting machines.

The recount is scheduled to begin Thursday and Friday in 159 counties in Georgia, and they face a November 20 deadline to complete it. This is the state election certification deadline, which, according to state law, can only be extended “for a reason” by order of a superior judge.

Even then, Another recount Is possible.

Candidates will have the right to recalculate on request if they lose less than half a per cent after the results are verified. Trump is currently 0.3% behind Biden.