May 30, 2023

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Actually, masks can protect those who wear them

Actually, masks can protect those who wear them

Now, the growing body of science suggests that by wearing a mask to prevent the virus from spreading, you too can protect yourself. This is further evidence that knowledge about masks and their benefits continues to evolve – a broader understanding of the epidemic.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention For the first time, a Scientific Bulletin This week it posted on its website that “the benefit of masking is derived from a combination of source control and personal protection for the wearer.” Masks are not completely selfless or selfish – they help everyone.

John Brooks, Chief Medical Officer for CDCs Corona virus The response, however, needs to be clearly explained to the Washington Post, as the widespread wearing of face shields will help prevent the need for national lockdowns.

The CDC has published this scientific summary to address what the agency has seen as a lack of “concise summary of powerful scientific evidence demonstrating the purpose of masking”. Bulletin marks the beginning of a renewed push by the agency to increase public messaging as infections increase Highest levels in Many US regions. The agency is now updating all information about the masks to include new information. CDC is also preparing materials with details about data and science, including state health departments, for its partner groups.

Since the CDC cannot impose directives, the agency wants people to understand that masks are “good for them”.

The new document seeks to entrap Carrot in front of the public: there is a “potentially complementary and possibly synergistic” relationship between controlling the source of infection for others and protecting yourself, the agency said. In other words, the more people in society wear masks, the greater the personal benefit.

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When someone inhales or speaks, masks that prevent certain points from flying out create a barrier. Sings Or cough. A study has been released Last week Under experimental conditions, ordinary fabric masks prevented one-third to four-quarters of the cells expelled by cough volunteers.

It is a logical hypothesis that researchers are investigating whether masks can also block incoming cells. And in recent months laboratory tests have suggested that masks can filter out the types of incoming cells that can carry the virus, Brooks said.

The CDC official said there was absolutely no personal protection for those wearing the mask. “The real benefit when we all do this is how we reduce the viral load of Kovid-19 in communities,” Brooks said.

Within nine months of the virus touching the United States, the CDC faced criticism that its guidance on mask protection was not clear enough because it linked scientific data with concerns about mask availability.

During the first wave of the epidemic, surveys a Most of them are both Democrats and Republicans Masks were worn, though Democrats were high. But some Americans strongly doubt it. This opposition was most evident during the summer, when online shops sold fake “mask exemption” cards that were stolen. Justice Department Imagery, By hundreds.

Moderately, encouraged by Republican members of Congress Face shields. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Said wearing a mask in late June was “the most important thing you can do” until vaccinations were available.

But President Trump rarely insisted that Americans wear them. He often masks optionally and once, in a misleading way, “A sharp sword on either side”Because people can touch the cloth, and then their faces.

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Pictures of the president covering his face were scarce until he tweeted a photo of himself in pursuit in July.

“Overall, it seems to have succeeded in terms of the message that is attracting Republicans.” Catherine White, Expert in Consumer Behavior at the University of British Columbia. She said this because conservatives are strong Triggered Through personal responsibility to take care of themselves.

Brooks, who oversaw the publication of the new bulletin, went through a lengthy vetting of language to make sure there was agreement on the best evidence. In this context, laboratory, epidemiological, and population-based studies have shown “significant benefits” from wearing a mask.

The evolution of scientific thinking about masks in the United States occurred amid the epidemic. Monica Gandhi, an epidemiologist at the University of California, San Francisco, says: “People who use ‘electrostatic filtration’, such as high-thread counting, multiple layers, and surgical masks, suggest facial care.

“Messaging to the public that masks will protect you and others will be even more powerful in convincing skeptics that masks are important in public places to reduce the spread and disease from Kovid-19,” Gandhi said.

It is not clear whether masks – by striking some, but not all, incoming viral cells – also reduce the severity of the illness. On September 8, Gandhi and her UCSF colleague George Rutherford suggested that the dose of virus exposed by the public could affect the severity of the disease. Scientists say that face covering can in some cases filter out droplets that can lead to asymptomatic or mild illness – and lead to some immunity.

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On October 23, a group of leading experts, including Angela Rasmussen of Columbia University and Saskia Popescu, of George Mason University, argued in a letter to the editor that science was fundamental and that masked wearers were only hypothetical. Of the virus.

The CDC does not address this theory Bulletin released This week. The agency emphasized that the update did not reflect a change in the agency’s recommendation to wear masks.

“Our guidance is still the same,” Brooks said. “It’s more data in support of this, and it’s highlighting that there is personal protection that we want people to know.”