December 9, 2023

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Mandatory masks are not coming to BC amid increasing COVID-19 cases

Mandatory masks are not coming to BC amid increasing COVID-19 cases

VICTORIA (News 1130) – With provisions in place in Metro Vancouver, BC has no plans to make masks mandatory for Kovid-19 cases at a record level, a provincial official said.

Dr. Bonnie Henry reiterated Thursday that he had no idea that public health orders would require people to cover their faces inside the home.

“Making masks mandatory is not something that will change some minds. We know a lot of people will do the right thing when they understand the reason behind it and we are looking at it, ”she said.

Other regional authorities took the action. In Quebec, masks are required throughout the province. In Manitoba, the province issued an order mandating them in Winnipeg. Cities like Toronto and Calgary crossed the Bylas Vancouver recently voted against A motion to make masks mandatory in civic amenities.

Henry explained that private businesses have the power to tell people to put on a mask.

Walmart And Starbucks, For example, there are mask requirements across Canada. In the lower mainland, they are mandatory Translink.

I would say businesses can say, “In my business, people have to wear a mask to get here, and staff have to wear a mask to get here,” and if people do not want to do that, you need to accommodate them by allowing them to order online, giving them other options. I’m especially promoting some big business – it should be part of your security protocol – and it’s more enforceable than telling people that this is my order, ”Henry said.

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“When you’re in an indoor open space, I expect you to wear a mask,” she says.

“This is very important as we go into the season, we are paying attention to it to wear masks in indoor open spaces.”

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