September 25, 2023

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Raptors and Chris Finch have signed a contract to join the coaching staff

Raptors and Chris Finch have signed a contract to join the coaching staff

Toronto Raptors and Chris Finch are finalizing a deal that will see Nick join the nurse coaching staff, According to Adrian Woznarowski of ESPN.

Finch, widely regarded as one of the top minds in the league, has the credentials to be the head coach of the NBA, but for now, remains one of its best assistants – well known to both the nurse and certainly the raptors.

Since the two have been coaching each other or each other since the 1990s, Finch’s history with the nurse is long. That journey began in Europe, in the British Basketball League, and it saw Finch coaching Sheffield, with the nurse cycling through several teams. They both won multiple Coach of the Year awards and fought with each other for about 12 years.

After that, the two entered the de league, the first nurse to coach Iowa Energy. Finch went to Europe on the advice of a nurse and joined the Rio Grande Valley Vipers.

Eventually, Nurse Finch was appointed head coach of the Vipers, who were later promoted to assistant to the parent club.

In 2012, Finch played as the head coach of the host team at the London Olympics and brought in a nurse as part of his staff.

Since then, the two have spent most of their time at the NBA level, with Nurse joining the Raptors in 2013 and eventually replacing him in 2018 as an assistant under then-head coach Dwayne Casey, and working as an assistant with Finch Rockets, Denver Nuggets and more recently the New Orleans Pelicans.

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