June 5, 2023

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Warning has been issued to millions of new iPhone 12 users

Warning has been issued to millions of new iPhone 12 users

Apple’s new iPhone 12 series is selling like hot cakes, but millions of upgraders now have to put out the flames.

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Marked by Macroomers, A large number of users report that the SMS message is broken in the new iPhone 12 models. Sending or receiving SMS, group chats have no notifications for missing messages and SMS messages. This issue seems to have hit some older models.

Consequently, there is the official applesupport Twitter account Lit. Up By frustrated customers:

“AppAppleSupport When will you fix the problem on the iPhone 12 Pro that I and other iPhone 12 compatible users do not receive SMS texts?” – Source

“It simply came to our notice then. I miss 1/3 of the lessons in Green Bubble Group Chat and I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The wife is on the iPhone X with iOS 14.2 and she has none. ”- Source

“Apple Support got my new iPhone 12 Pro Max and I am not getting any SMS messages. Can you help? “- Source

“When will the bug that causes not receiving all SMS text messages be fixed? I have been an iPhone user for 10 years, but I am going to give back this iPhone 12 Pro. ”- Source

“Does the app have support for not accepting SMS group text messages on the main issue of the iPhone 12? This is becoming very annoying. ”- Source

“AppppallSupport Are you ever going to fix the iMessage / text issue with the iPhone 12? It’s really missing 25% of my lessons.” – Source

“I have not received any text notifications since I updated my phone and I am very happy with the app Apple” – Source

“What is happening with AppAppleSupport Um SMS TEXTS? I will receive any SMS text after 24 hours. ”- Source

AppAppleSupport Fixed a text message notifications bug for me. I have been missing important text messages since I downloaded iOS 14. ”- Source

Interestingly, for some owners of older iPhones this problem seems to be bubbling under the surface The arrival of iOS 14. The problem only got worse with the release of the new iPhone 12 models, which Apple has not yet identified:

“I had trouble getting tickets with Apple and Timobile and nothing yet. Engineering has grown but heard nothing. Apple Tech is very skeptical that this is their problem, but it is very widespread.” – Source

I contacted Apple and will update this article when I get a response. At this point, looking at the serious consequences of not receiving SMS messages (which is also crucial) Two-factor authentication), I advise buyers considering any iPhone 12 model to discontinue their purchase until this is resolved.


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