June 5, 2023

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Georgia Senate Runoff: Senator David Perdue refuses to discuss Joan Ossaf

Georgia Senate Runoff: Senator David Perdue refuses to discuss Joan Ossaf

Perdue declined an invitation to take part in the Dec. 6 debate with his Democratic opponent, Atlanta Press Club chairman Marilyn Ryan, who is holding two separate talks for Senate runoffs.

Speaking to CNN, Ossaf’s campaign accepted the Press Club’s invitation, and Ossaf tweeted on Sunday, “Looks like Sen. David Perdue is not shy to discuss me again. … Senator, come out and try to keep your record. I’m ready to go.”

Georgia senior senator fired after pulling out of debate ahead of election day After the discussion The Ossaf label saw Perdue as a “crook” and accused Perdue of benefiting China. Instead, Purdue attended a Trump rally in northwest Georgia.

“Runoff in Georgia is an extension of the November 3rd general election, where 52 percent of Georgians voted against Joan Osaf and his radical agenda. Ben Fry said in a statement with CNN on Sunday.

Osaf responded in Sunday’s rally in the Atlanta suburbs by calling for a “bare minimum” of what voters should expect from candidates.

Perdue and Ossaf will go to the runoff on January 5 as no candidate will get 50% of the vote on election day. Since then, the Georgian Republican has made false claims about current Donald Trump election fraud, joined by fellow Georgian Republican Sen. Kelly Loughfler‌ Georgia calls on Republican Foreign Secretary Brad Raffens‌perger to resign.

In interviews, Perdue’s president-elect Joe Bean acknowledged victory, warning that holding two Georgia Senate seats to the runoff would serve as “the last line of defense against this liberal socialist agenda pursued by Democrats.”

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“What is at stake is that (Senate minority leader Chuck) Schumer will change the rules in the Senate,” Perdue told Fox Business in an interview on Sunday, “so they can do whatever they want with 50 votes and the Vice Presidential vote. .

On the same day Lofler campaigned to take part in a special discussion and her Challenger Rev. Fr. The Atlanta Press Club said it had also sent invitations to Rafael Warnock. Warnock’s campaign has been tentatively accepted, but Lofler’s campaign has not yet responded.

The story was updated with comments from both Purdue’s campaign and Ossaf.