June 5, 2023

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Why Trump is suing so thinly in battlefield states

Why Trump is suing so thinly in battlefield states

The Trump campaign is moving from state to state to manipulate the success of President-elect Joe Biden. Without credible arguments, increasing the range of jungle legal maneuvers, it faces celestial inequalities and has less ancestry.

Lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona are now seeking to bring forward a small amount of allegations and legal theories, based on some vague and unsupported fraud allegations or complaints of minor ballot processing access, as a way to prevent state officials from verifying the popular vote, which is currently in favor of Annie Biden. .

“Because the Trump campaign came forward with its legal arguments, they did not really produce stronger facts or legal theory than they started,” said Rick Hassan, an election lawyer and CNN analyst.

President Trump’s campaign strategy seems to cast enough doubt on the vote count, so states can find judges to prevent them from verifying the choice made by their voters, according to election experts, longtime Republican lawyer-turned-CNN analyst Ben Ginsburg.

The Electoral College will not officially elect a president until December 14, with a crucial deadline of December 8.

If it works, in theory, it will give Trump the victory against Biden’s victory, arguing that state legislatures – especially Republicans in power in Michigan and Pennsylvania – should make their choice for their Electoral College slate. In more than one state. But it would not come close to giving Trump an electoral victory without much help.

Both liberal and conservative legal experts say the ideological approach that Trump appears to be trying is very rare. Carl Rowe, a longtime GOP strategist, wrote in The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday night that Biden’s victory was not a manipulation.

“In order to win, Mr Trump must prove systemic fraud with tens of thousands of illegal votes. Rowe, who is considered the mastermind of political maneuvers during the Bush presidency, wrote.

Lawyers for the Biden campaign have called Trump the theater of campaign lawsuits, nothing more than that.

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