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2020 The strongest man in the world final results: Oleksi Novikov wins

Oleksii Novikov Wins 2020 WSM

Oleksi Novikov 2020 is the strongest man in the world!

The 2020 is the strongest man in the world This Sunday, the competition is wrapped up with the last three events. It’s the results of that event, as well as who was crowned the winner this year.

This year WSM A tough, yet exciting. Several athletes were injured along the way, But we also saw some world records. After four days of deadly competition, we descend to the last three events, At the end of the day the strongest person gets the crown.

This year’s competition included several important names, including the 2019 winner, Martins Lysis. So we know he will be crowned the new champion in his absence. Oleksi Novikov is the best filler in these shoes, winning the strongest man in the world by 2020 After setting an earlier world record in competition.

Here is the last day break of the strongest man competition in the world:

2020 is the end result of the strongest man in the world

1. Oleksi Novikov – 47 points
2. Tom Stoltman – 43.5 points
3. JF Karen – 42 points
4. Jerry Pritchett – 40 points
5. Brian Shaw – 35.5 points
6. Adam Bishop – 34 points
7. Kevin Fires – 31 points
8. Ivers Smacktellis – 28.5 points
9. Luke Richardson – 22.5 points
10. Graham Hicks – 1 point (withdrawn) *

* Hicks is Withdrawn from the finals With muscle injury

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Hercules Hold

The first event of the final day of the competition was the visually intriguing Hercules Hold. It tests the grip strength of athletes because they hold both pillars with their hands. The specs on this incident are as follows:

  • 158.8 kg pillars (each hand)
  • Score for time
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Hold Hercules Scores:

  1. JF Karen – 52.67 seconds
  2. Kevin Fires – 49.22 seconds
  3. Jerry Pritchett – 42.99 seconds
  4. Olekshi Novikov – 41.63 seconds
  5. Luke Richardson – 35.12 seconds
  6. Brian Shaw – 34.79 seconds
  7. Adam Bishop – 28.4 seconds
  8. Ivers Smacktellis – 28.17 seconds
  9. Tom Stoltman – 21.23 seconds
  10. Graham Hicks (withdrawn)
Courtesy of the strongest man in the world

Hold the Mark Felix Hercules record attempt

Despite not qualifying for the finals, It was revealed Mark Felix tries to set a new world record at Hercules Hold. This is a record he already has in other competitions, but he is looking to preserve it in this particular tool. Unfortunately he could not hold it for less than 50 seconds.

Courtesy of the strongest man in the world

Log ladder

The next in the finals is the overhead log loader event. The event is as follows:

  • Athletes clean and hit 5 heavy logs
  • Ranges from 130-180 kg
  • Score for time

Log ladder scores:

  1. Tom Stoltman – 5 logs (49.45 seconds)
  2. Jerry Pritchett – 5 logs (51.84 seconds)
  3. Olekshi Novikov – 4 logs (32.68 seconds)
  4. Ivers Smacktellis – 4 logs (41.42 seconds)
  5. Kevin Fires – 4 logs (46.67 seconds)
  6. Luke Richardson – 4 logs (62.12 seconds)
  7. Brian Shaw – 3 logs (27.91 seconds)
  8. Adam Bishop – 3 logs (37.02 seconds)
  9. JF Karen – 3 logs (47.05 seconds)
  10. Graham Hicks (withdrawn)
Courtesy of the strongest man in the world

Atlas Stones

The final event of this year’s competition is the Atlas Stone event. Here’s how to reduce this event:

  • Athletes lift six stones
  • The stones weigh 140-210 kg
  • Score for time

Atlas Stone Scores:

  1. Tom Stoltman – 5 stones (19.89 seconds)
  2. Brian Shaw – 5 stones (28.55 seconds)
  3. JF Karen – 5 stones (34.03 seconds)
  4. Olekshi Novikov – 4 stones (19.47 seconds)
  5. Ivers Smacktellis – 4 stones (20.63 seconds)
  6. Adam Bishop – 4 stones (24.3 seconds)
  7. Jerry Pritchett – 4 stones (24.53 seconds)
  8. Kevin Fires – 4 stones (24.73 seconds)
  9. Luke Richardson – 3 stones (18.02 seconds)
  10. Graham Hicks (withdrawn)
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Full WSM 2020 coverage

Here is information on the events of the first three days When they occur

How to see the strongest man in the world 2020 on TV

You can also watch the full 2020 World Strongest Man on TV, but you have to wait until next month.


  • CBS and CBS Sports in the US December 26, 2020

Channel 5

  • Channel 5 in the UK December 26, 2020.

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Stay tuned to Fitness Volt for more updates as the 2020 World Strongest Man Finals come to an end.

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