March 25, 2023

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NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys: Grading a total of 31 alternatives with one turn

NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys: Grading a total of 31 alternatives with one turn

At this point it looks like we’ve been looking for leaks and teases for NHL’s “reverse retro” jerseys, but on Monday, the official roll out finally (and mercilessly) took place. If you can escape the hype, here is a reverse retro project description Released by

“Everything from old to new with adidas reverse retro replacement jerseys is a play on 31-team throwback jerseys with modern twists. Classics.

“Each jersey has a spirit of being worn by the team during a season of some historical significance and the whole design process took two years. Teams will wear the jerseys to each other several games next season.

Take a look at the total 31 jerseys and give grades to each.

Anaheim ducks

We all know that the Wild Wing Jersey sucks perfectly, so this is a tough place to start. However, I want to give the ducks credit for agreeing to be totally weird here. Plus, I respect how hard they work to avoid a jersey that people really like at this point. Grade: B-

Arizona Coyotes

Coyotes is someone who wants to go to Kachina full time, which is exactly what it employs. It should be promoted as a full-time alternative at one stage. Grade: a

Boston Bruins

There is a lot of seamlessness (please do not gold on gold) on what color the Bruins are going to pair with this uniform (but a nice twist on the jersey team’s best uniform. In addition, the reason for the Bruins gold jersey. Grade: A-

Buffalo Sabers

Buffalo was so, so close to knocking it down in the park … they chose the wrong jersey from that era. They have to go with a goat’s head. These aren’t terrible, though, so I’d like to remove the “buffalo” script across the bottom line. Grade: C +

Calgary Flames

Like most teams, I was completely unaware that the Flames understood the assignment … they didn’t put a reverse twist on the retro jersey. That being said, I did not complain because this updated blasty alternative is awesome. Grade: B +

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Carolina Hurricanes

It’s one of the best jerseys and gray works well, but it’s also hard to give any credit to the hurricanes here … you know, they’re not whales. We need to stop enabling them. Grade: d

Chicago Black Hawks

These are totally “meh” from me. Also, it is no coincidence that this is the only jersey in the NHL’s thread, which shows the back of the jersey and not the front. Grade: D +

Colorado Avalanche

I’m going to look like a total hypocrite here because I’m criticized the Hurricanes for desecrating a grave but I’m willing to give the snowfall credit because 1.) they put their own spin on a classic, and 2.) they have not worn a Nordic throwback until this time. It feels somewhat apt as the Aws are approaching their 25th anniversary. Most importantly, it works very well. Grade: A-

Columbus Blue Jackets

Considering the blue jackets are not really a great jersey Never, They are already working from behind. Unfortunately, we can put this on a pile of completely mediocre jerseys from the team. It seems way, way, way too much Capitals Throwback, too. Grade: D +

Dallas Stars

I appreciate the idea of ​​going back to this template, but, it’s very white and silver. It probably looks wild on TV or from a distance of more than two feet. Grade: C-

Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings are kind of screwed up here because they basically have a basic uniform for their whole existence and it looks so good it shouldn’t be too confusing … but, uh, good jersey, where’s the rest? Grade: F.

Edmonton Oilers

I was so, they decided to go back to the bright shade of blue here. It’s not a bold choice of direction, but it works well. Grade: a

Florida Panthers

As someone who completely dislikes Panthers old uniforms or their current color scheme, I am totally fascinated with these. It could be their best jersey. Grade: a

Los Angeles Kings

Certainly not incredible. They took their best jersey and used their best color scheme. From now on these should be their primary jerseys. Grade: A +

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Minnesota Wild

Isn’t this the most interesting work that Jersey Wild has ever done? Yes. Since the Dallas Stars refuse to use the old North Stars color scheme, I’re definitely here to take back the Wild on a full time basis. These are great. Grade: A +

Montreal Canadians

Hobbs took the untouchable classic, messed with it and somehow did better. These should alternately enter the full-time rotation of Canadians. Grade: a

Nashville Predators

I wish they had done a reversed version of their 2020 Winter Classic jersey, but alas. It’s not my favorite jersey but it’s the best they can wear this season. Grade: B-

New Jersey Devils

It should be popular during Christmas, huh? Yes, they are great and they are very popular, but I can not help but move the frustration that I did not use this opportunity, to make it a black alternative that I have been asking for years. Grade: B +

New York Islanders

If they take their regular jersey and apply a slightly different (and worse) color scheme, this is a huge bummer. It doesn’t seem terrible but they scored a ton of points by being weird with it. Fisherman Jersey is right there. Grade: D-

New York Rangers

When the Rangers played these jerseys, I was so excited to see Lady Liberty back. However, the end result is completely negligible. They have to take the original Liberty jersey and change it into a red base. Grade: C-

Ottawa Senators

It’s not super duper exciting but it works and they end up keeping these as a permanent alternative. Grade: b

Philadelphia Flyers

I honestly don’t know how to feel about these. I have to wait until I see them on the ice because I think I can really love them or hate them completely. For now, are they … interesting? Grade: N / A

Pittsburgh Penguins

These are great if not overly exciting. I think the reverse “robot-penguin” needle will move a little more, but these are clean. Grade: b

San Jose Sharks

I’m not always crazy about these jerseys and I usually don’t like gray / silver as the base, but they are good. Would love to see the original franchise go with the jersey design. Grade: c

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St. Louis Blues

The Blues were able to easily pull off the cowardly way and adjust the color a bit to the universally beloved Throbok, but they made it even worse by taking one of the most criticized jerseys in their history. I’re definitely here for the courage and if it’s worth it, I absolutely love this dumb jersey. Grade: A +

Tampa Bay Lightning

Speaking of taking the cowards out of the way … Lightning may be pretty weird here, but I think these look pretty and will be the best jersey in their rotation next season. Grade: b

Toronto Maple Leafs

Anyone I know will take any opportunity I can to criticize and ridicule the leaves, but my bias aside … these jerseys still definitely suck. Oops. Grade: F.

Vancouver Conks

I don’t usually like gradient jerseys, so I’m pretty confused about how the Conks love me. It would be great if they could take one of their worst jerseys and take a loved one (i.e. a skate) and do drastically better without being confused with success. Grade: A-

Vegas Golden Knights

I love it but I hate it too. It got a ton of hate out of the gate, but I think we can win some over after we see it in action. That being said, I prefer the primary logo on the logo. Grade: C +

Washington Capitals

The jersey design starts but these actually look better than I imagined. The updated color scheme improves them a bit from the original, but they are not great yet. Grade: C +

Winnipeg jets

I do not know why the Jets go with the slate base here when the current (and former) color scheme is so great but, man, these are the worst. They blew it up completely. Grade: F.