June 3, 2023

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‘The Good Doctor’ star Richard Schiff was hospitalized with COVID-19 – expired

'The Good Doctor' star Richard Schiff was hospitalized with COVID-19 - expired

Richard Schiff, Star of ABC Good doctor, And his wife, actress Sheila Kelly, Recurring in the ABC medical drama, provided an update on Monday about their ongoing COVID-19 fight. Both were tested positive November 3.

The two revealed on social media that Schiff had been hospitalized. Schiff wrote on Twitter that he was being treated with remdacivir, oxygen and steroids and was “showing some improvement every day”. Kelly is “home and doing good work, but still sick,” Schiff said.

Schiff is not sure when he will be admitted to the hospital, but Kelly wrote on Instagram that “the last 72 hours have been tough” on Oxygen and Remdesivir at the hospital. “He’s doing well. Strengthening,” she said.

Kelly reveals that their son is also battling COVID.

“I have never experienced this before,” Kelly wrote. “One minute I’m so good and the next I’m breathing.”

Good doctor Remained in production In Vancouver after Schiff and Kelly’s COVID diagnosis. I heard that the shooting was going on and the shooting schedule was changed to suit the temporary absence of both of them.

Both Schiff and Kelly greeted the fans. In addition, Kelly had a message for them. “Wear a mask. Wash hands. Stay away from the virus. This is Mother-Air. ”

On Good doctor, Schiff plays Dr. Aaron Glassman, a mentor and best friend to Shawn (Freddie Haimor). Kelly Glassman plays the wife.

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