April 1, 2023

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Trump’s refusal to accept is legally absurd, but it has affected America for years

Trump’s refusal to accept is legally absurd, but it has affected America for years

They believe in Trump.

Many supporters of the US president said there was only one way to acknowledge his loss and move forward: they must listen to him accept defeat.

It was a withdrawal from conversations with thousands of Donald Trump fans who came to Washington for protests last weekend.

They listen to him – and no more.

They clearly do not trust the media that predicted Joe Biden’s success. They ignore the US Security officers Who says elections are fair. And they don’t smoke at Republicans in many state governments Insist it is on top of the board.

Only one man can make a difference, they say.

A New Jersey delivery driver who landed for the protests said a word from Trump would change everything.

The 23-year-old, wearing a red Trump hat, aving a blue Trump flag and wearing a Qian-themed Trump T-shirt, standing in front of a Washington hotel, said he would follow the presidency.

“If he agrees, if he decides it’s true, and they say it’s true and Joe Biden wins, we’ll accept it,” Isaac Mooney said.

“We accept it. We will be peaceful. I can not tell everyone [would accept it] Because there are always some people in the crowd. But most of us believe in God, we love God. If God does not give us this election we will still trust Him. “

Trump supporter Isaac Mooney said he could not believe Trump had lost, but would accept if Trump did. (Katie Simpson / CBC News)

Do not hold your breath.

Trump has never shown any sign of accepting that he lost this election. The closest tweet he came in suggested Biden should win by betrayal on Sunday – and after some media commented that it was an unpleasant concession, Trump withdrew it with other tweets: “I agree with nothing! We have a long way to go. It’s a tough election!”

Clearly, Trump’s words are legally irrelevant to the outcome.

His presidency ends January. 20.

Concessions: Legally unnecessary, democratically desirable

This requires shocking and inaccessible String of consequences To reverse the outcome – first a coup from at least three state legislatures, then court approval and finally the consent of the US Congress.

A real-time example of the role that concessions play in a democracy is related to the behavior of the president.

Trump’s refusal to accept defeat could ignite slowly over the years – provoking anger on his part and further reducing the chances of future cooperation between political parties in Washington.

Republican anger is one of a kind In the election Seventy percent of party supporters suspect that the election was free and fair.

That outrage erupted at the rally on Saturday.

Thousands of Trump supporters attended Saturday’s event in Washington. (Jim Urkhart / Reuters)

The event was largely peaceful with Trump supporters. However, some are right-wing Terrorist groups Attended. Some lit white energy signs, and clashes erupted with many left-wing protesters, including some locals who harassed tourists in Trump hats.

Many of Trump’s friends have expressed their anger at former ally Fox News.

Although Trump has strongly supported Trump in his presidency, despite the many hosts who insist he has not lost, it is not enough; Most of the president’s fans are incensed at Biden’s official call for victory.

These days Fox News is part-conspiracy theory, part conspiracy-elimination.

Now there are many reports Trump And His friends Thinking about starting or investing in a rival network to compete with Fox.

Meanwhile, Trump fans are still striving for a miracle.

Joan Lambert, who came to protest from nearby Virginia, said she was hopeful that Trump could reverse the election result.

She said there was a way to see her move herself.

“If the president accepts the results,” Lambert said. If the same happens, she said she hopes Biden White House and the Republican Senate will work together for the benefit of the country.

A small percentage of those who attended Saturday’s event were members of right-wing groups like the Proud Boys seen here. (Hannah McKay / Reuters)

“We want our country to move forward.”

A group of women in Iowa echoed the notion that if Trump admits he lost, it would be enough for them.

Chef Alexandra Gilman, who drove eight hours from Dayton, Ohio to attend a weekend rally.

“I don’t care who wins as long as the results are fair,” she said.

An injured man marching with the Proud Boys appeared to be bleeding as he attacked counter-protesters on Saturday. (Leah Millis / Reuters)

Once the results are known, she said politicians from different parties should co-operate to pass bills that will help the country.

“Working together,” Gilman, 30. “Whether it’s a blue idea or a red idea…. I think the name of the game is compromised.”

Doubt what Lambert and her husband will see in the media.

For example, she noted that news networks predicted Biden’s success before counting military and foreign ballots.

Her husband Roger Lambert echoed that sentiment.

The veteran said he had sworn in the U.S. Constitution in the military and was fighting the election to defend it.

“Accept these results? We do not know the results yet. So how can we accept them?” Said Lambert.

“Unfortunately the media misrepresented this scenario. Fox News also changed their perspective.”

Joan and Roger Lambert do not trust the media. She said she wants the country to move forward if Trump admits he lost. (Katie Simpson / CBC News)

In fact, the media will, in this election, as in the past, judge the winner based on how many votes were cast and how many were in arrears.

Each state officially confirms its outcome In late November or early December. Then on December 14, the Electoral College meets in each state and officially selects the winner.

Trump supporters are raising their hopes on a series of events – in which the three state legislatures could overturn the election results, with the approval of the courts.

It is unbelievable to many that Biden could get more votes than their man.

Knock, who has been frequently used against Biden in the traditional media, said Mooney said he could not believe that the candidate who left “his basement” received far more votes than Trump (Biden received nearly six million more votes than Trump).

Travis Milde of Virginia said he went to bed on election night thinking it was over, and was shocked to hear Biden’s news.

“We woke up in a different country,” he said.

His surprise comes despite a media warning Months The Democrats’ vote count will increase after Election Night because it will take longer to count the Democrats whose mail ballots are favored.

Travis Milde said he would like to go to a pro-Trump state if the Democrats actually win the election. (Katie Simpson / CBC News)

However, he said he did not trust the media at all.

He also does not trust the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which calls it an election celebration; He said DHS officials must have ties with the global elites who want Trump to go.

“It simply came to our notice then [Trump] To lose an election like this, “said Milday, a professional model.

And if he does? Milde said he would never call Biden his president. What he can do, however, is retreat into a friendly political arena.

Probably for a state like Florida, Milde said.

“[We’d] Go to the Republican states and let the Democratic cities rot, “he said.

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