March 25, 2023

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Adding automatic payment at Tesla chargers to facilitate apartment charging and more

Adding automatic payment at Tesla chargers to facilitate apartment charging and more

Tesla has recently been making moves to launch payments at charging stations within its destination charging network, but it also allows charging electric vehicles at apartments – which is very difficult.

Earlier this year, Tesla launched its Wall Connector General 3 New home charging station with Wi-Fi connection and updated design.

Most new Level 2 charging stations have Wi-Fi enabled, but Tesla did not have its vehicles until recently because owners can always monitor charging through its vehicle connectivity capability.

The Wi-Fi capability at the charging station allows Tesla to execute payment for destination chargers that use the wall connector.

Shortly afterwards, Tesla announced that it would soon be notifying property owners on its destination charging network. Enable them to take payment from customers For using their charging stations.

Now, Tesla mentions about this new capability that its website is using for apartments:

“Enable residents to wake up to full charge every day by offering convenient and reliable charging. Asset managers will soon be able to collect payment smoothly for the energy they consume. ”

This is an interesting development that can be a big help in initiating EV ownership for apartment dwellers.

Ownership of an electric vehicle has become more difficult for people living in condominiums and apartment buildings.

Home charging is one of the biggest advantages of electric vehicles over cars that run on gasoline, but it can be difficult to achieve if you park your vehicle in a shared parking space.

It is very difficult to convince landlords, property managers or HOAs to install charging stations, and part of it is how electric vehicle owners are going to pay for the electricity they consume.

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But now, Tesla plans to have its own platform to conduct charging sessions and an automatic payment system for property managers – making it easier to maintain a charging station in an apartment building.

Other charging station companies such as ChargePoint have developed similar programs, but Tesla is likely to make apartment charging more popular because its vehicles are the best-selling EVs, and its charging stations are much cheaper than the competition.

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