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2020 NBA Draft Live Grades: Pick-By-Pick Tracker, Results, Analysis Completed With Top 20, Some Big Surprises

2020 NBA Draft Live Grades: Pick-By-Pick Tracker, Results, Analysis Completed With Top 20, Some Big Surprises

The 2020 NBA Draft League will be different from anything else in history, but it will be similar to some of the drafts we have seen around the sports world this year. The WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS and NWSL drafts all took place remotely in 2020, and this is the scene we will be focusing on Wednesday night. Here is the digital NBA draft.

To complicate matters further, the 2020 NBA Draft features exclusive players with incredible polarization profiles. There is no big deal about big boards, and teams do not have the ability to use traditional combinations or interviews or individual exercises to make evaluations. Along with the NBA Free Agency starting this Friday, Wild is set to lead the 2020 NBA Draft.

The action begins at 8 p.m. Television is doing ESPN operations, but you can lock it right here. CBS Sports HQ will cover and make draft pick-by-picks available overnight Watch here for free on any connected device. You can too Use the CBS Sports app To track every option with alerts to your phone when your favorite team is selected.

You’re here for grades, and we’ve got them. Gary Parish Grading the first round, and Kyle Boone Second grading. Also, be sure to do so Follow all transactions here.

First round

1. Minnesota Timberwolves: SG Anthony Edwards, Georgia

This is not a surprising choice. Edwards is an amazing talent with a great genealogy. But I was not excited, but I realized that any option at the top of this defective draft would not be perfect. He’s not a great college player, and he’s been criticized for showing a lack of interest in the game recently. However, he is likely to remain the top scorer. This is not what I do, but what most franchises do. Grade: B +

2. Golden State Warriors: C James Wiseman, Memphis

Clay Thompson was great this morning before the news, but if you take a physical model like Wiseman and put Stephen Curry, Clay and Drymond Green next to him, you can compete for another championship. But still, with the second option, you immediately prepare the player physically to make a big impact. Grade: A +

3. Charlotte Hornets: PG Lamelo Ball, USA

Ball is my No. 1 opportunity in this draft class. It’s no brain. Charlotte has good guards, but the ball has a chance to be a star. There are a lot of things to improve – defense first on the list – but if he becomes the best version of himself, he will be the best player in this draft class. He is a 6-6 / 6-7 point guard, he can play ball, but because of his creativity you want to keep the ball in his hands. Grade: A +

4. Chicago Bulls: SF Patrick Williams, Florida State

I understand the conspiracy, but it’s a lot more than I took Patrick Williams. He is 6-8, 225. He is strong with big and wide shoulders. He’s a 3-and-D guy, but he’s not a great shooter yet. He wasn’t even the best 3-and-D player in Florida State this past season – though he had more knocks than Devin Vassel. Williams helped most of all in the pre-draft process, however, which surprised the public. Grade: C-

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5. Cleveland Cavaliers: SF Isaac Okoro, Auburn

This is not what I do with this pick, but I understand. He has tremendous opportunity, especially what he can do on the defensive end. He also has great maturity and instincts. If he develops a reliable jump shot – big now – he will be great. Grade: B +

6. Atlanta Hawks: C Onieka Okongwu, USC

Okongwu is a player in the top 10 on my own big board, but it’s a strange fit. As for the front-court players, Obi Tapin is still on board, I preferred him. In terms of fit, I like Tyres Halliburton here. Hawks Clint Capella already has a defense-first center. Grade: C +

7. Detroit Pistons: PG Killian Hayes, France

Compared to Okongwu, I think Hayes is a better player, but others have better fits and chances. Hayes is a reliable, creative, run-your-team guard, but he must develop a jump shot. If you believe he can develop that jumper, this option makes a lot of sense. Grade: C +

8. New York Knicks: PF OB Tapin, Dayton

Knicks obviously need a lot, but that number of fans loves this guy. They desperately want to be excited about something. Tapin could be it. Overall I can not take him first, but he should not fall so far and should be a favorite of the rookie of the year. Grade: A +

9. Washington Wizards: SF Deni Avadija, Israel

Many of the people I spoke to felt that Avdiza was the best international opportunity in this draft. I’ve been to Tapin before Avdiza, and a lot of people in the NBA have said I made a mistake for it. But here he is for the wizards to catch him. There have been some mixed reviews about Avdiza from European scouts, but it makes sense because they did not hesitate that he would be available. Grade: B +

10. Phoenix Sons: C. Jalen Smith, Maryland

It is surprising at every level. I do not understand. I thought I liked Jalen Smith more than most, but I had him in my late teens. But not in the top 10, and not on the team that already has Diandre Eaton. He is five stretches longer than Stretch Four, and it is not necessary or of great value. But Phoenix has a history of doing things that don’t make much sense. Grade: D-

11. San Antonio Spurs: S.G. Devin Vassel, Florida State

I like that. He is a classic 3-and-D guy who has shot over 40 percent from the 3-point range in two different seasons. He’s the best – probably The Best – Players on the best team in the ACC. Looking at the history of San Antonio’s high-powered, defensive-minded wing players (think poet Leonard), it’s a great fit. Grade: A-

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12. Sacramento Kings: PG Tyres Halliburton, Iowa

The best opportunity available on board. I love him here for the same reasons I loved him in 6th place for Atlanta. He can play behind D’Aron Fox or next to him. He can play 6-5, the ball or a real point guard. He meets both requirements and is the best player on the board. Can’t do better than that. Grade: A +

13. New Orleans Pelicans: PG Kira Louis Jr., Alabama

My CBS Sports HQ colleague Avery Johnson hired Lewis to Alabama and spent the last few months convincing me that Lewis was a lottery talent. And when you watch a movie, why is it so easy to watch. He is obscure with the ball and is able to shoot. He is a point guard with size and speed and skill. He may be the best point guard in this class. Put him next to Zion Williamson and things are exciting. Grade: A +

14. Boston Celtics (via MEM): SF Aaron Nesmith, Vanderbilt

I think being a professor is pretty easy, but the last few picks of these players are coming off the board in the order I ranked them. That would make Nesmith a really smart choice again. Nesmith has an injury in college, but he can really take shots. Because of that shooting he was able to help the Celtics. Grade: A +

15. Orlando Magic: PG Cole Anthony, North Carolina

I like that. He’s not had a great year between disability and injury in North Carolina. But he was not around the players he needed to shine. A year ago I looked at Cole Anthony from the age of 15 enough to understand why people were talking about him as a potential No. 1 pick. This is a great way to prioritize a point guard position. Grade: A-

16. Detroit Pistons (via POR): C Isaiah Stewart, Washington

Stewart is an incredible prep opportunity and is super-productive in Washington. But he’s a traditional big man, a little shorter and works a lot in the post‌. It’s a little closer, because his style is not in fashion in the NBA. He’s a throwback, but he’s good. Grade: C +

17. Oklahoma City Thunder (via BKN): C Alexei Pokusevsky, Serbia

At 7-feet, less than 200 pounds, he clearly needs to add weight. But it was a good move for a team that was undergoing a major overhaul. He is only 18 years old and can currently play around the perimeter. He’s probably one way away from playing at the NBA level, but he’s likely to be the top 10 player in this draft. This is a solid big swing pick. Grade: B-

18. Dallas Mavericks: SG Josh Green, Arizona

If you value athleticism, Green is one of the drafts. He was not very polished and did not stand out at all in Arizona. But athleticism is important, and if you can make him do other things, you hit something special. Grade: C +

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19. Detroit Pistons (by PHI): SF Sadiq Bay, Villanova

Bay has been the best available on my board for a while, so if you can land him here, you should feel good about it. Bay is one of the most NBA-ready players in the draft and can step in and become a better player right away. I like this pick more than the other two piston picks. Grade: A +

20. Miami Heat: PF Valuable Achiva, Memphis

Achiva is one of the best and most productive players in the country. Point Guard is a big need, but it suits me because of the culture the Heat has established and the idea of ​​playing next to Bam Adebayo. I had to see a lot of Achiva in my hometown of Memphis, where he fell into a mini-ball center. His big hole shooting. Grade: A-

21. Philadelphia 76ers (via OKC): SG Tyres Maxe, Kentucky

I’m not sure if Philadelphia will include another non-shooter as it is incapable of crossing the Maxi Arc at Kentucky. But NBA Scouts and people in Kentucky believe he will improve that skill over time. But he can really play basketball and have some big games and if he solves that shooting problem, he will be a better player. And he was the second best player on my big board. Grade: B +

22. Denver Nuggets (via HOU): C JK Nnaji, Arizona

It has to be reached. He picked up the boundary first round – I made him second – and it was a little more. Nnaji is very athletic, but he is not an upside down player because he needs to work on his defense and skills. Grade: C-

23. New York Knicks (via UTA)

24. New Orleans Pelicans (via IND)

25. Oklahoma City Thunder (via DEN)

26. Boston Celtics

27. Utah Jazz (via NY)

28. Oklahoma City Thunder (via LAL)

29. Toronto Raptors

30. Boston Celtics (via MIL)

Second round

31. Dallas Mavericks (via GS)

32. Charlotte Hornets (via CLE)

33. Minnesota Timber‌wolves

34. Oklahoma City Thunder (via PHI)

35. Sacramento Kings (via DET)

36. Philadelphia 76ers (via NY)

37. Washington Wizards (via CHI)

38. Utah Jazz (via NY)

39. New Orleans Pelicans (via WAS)

40. Memphis Grizzlies (via PHO)

41. San Antonio Spurs

42. New Orleans Pelicans

43. Kings of Sacramento

44. Chicago Bulls (via MEM)

45. Milwaukee Bucks (via ORL)

46. ​​Portland Trail Blazers

47. Boston Celtics (via BKN)

48. Golden State Warriors (via DAL)

49. Philadelphia 76ers

50. Atlanta Hawks (via MIA)

51. Golden State Warriors (via UTA)

52. Sacramento Kings (via HOU)

53. Oklahoma City Thunder

54. Indiana Pacers

55. Brooklyn Nets (via DEN)

56. Charlotte Hornets (via BOS)

57. Los Angeles Clippers

58. Philadelphia 76ers (via LAL)

59. Toronto Raptors

60. Milwaukee Bucks