May 17, 2022

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Every All-Canadian Division understands matchup fires

Every All-Canadian Division understands matchup fires

The strong opinion of Flames fans also agrees that it is difficult to be excited about mid-season matches with teams like the Blue Jackets, Panthers, Sabers or Wild.

There will be no such slashes on Flames Slate this year as the All-Canadian division, which offers endless intrigue and sexy storylines with a total of six rivals, is almost here.

Although league officials insist such a divisive divisional realization is a one-year proposal forced by the boundary restrictions of COVID-19, Calgary hockey fans should be very supportive.

A quick look at how each team resonates with Flames fans listed according to the picture:

Edmonton Oilers

Matthew Takachuk reiterated the beloved Alberta War last season, with a series of target explosions on Jack Cassian The Oilers Winger.

After tough oilers winger Rag-Dald Takachuk without a response, the War of Words helped kickstart the fireworks on the ice. From there, everyone is trapped, ending in a goalie fight between Cam Talbot and Mike Smith, locals are still talking.

At six feet-six, you can expect Jacob to give Marstrom Smith a good fight. Maybe we’ll see.

These two teams – and their fan bases – hate each other once again, having played more than twice in the three weeks since Takachuk’s re-ignition.

Now they can play up to eight, 10 or 12 times, which can provoke fires and skyrocket TV ratings.

Even Calgaryans who do not like extracurriculars should appreciate the systematic viewing of Connor McDavid and Leon Droysight’s excellent skill. Droysight also provoked the Oilers by accepting a post-shootout stick-toss cell by David Ritchie and their only win in last year’s four-game series.

As both teams try to prove that they are really building competitors, this competition gives fans a chance to continue discussing the relative merits of Milan Lusic / James Neil Swap.

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Vancouver CANUCKS

Until the flames were involved in regional goalie fights, Connex was Flames’ biggest rival for almost two decades.

Playoff matches do the same for a relationship (see also 2015, 2004, 1994, 1989 and 1984 and ’83).

The fact that former backup Luis Dominguez was also robbed by Markstrom, Chris Tanev, Josh Levo and the free agency during the Flames’ recent west coast attack should heighten the conspiracy of a long-running feud in which one can see a line clash to open the 2014 game two. Seconds.

Armed with young entertaining young studs such as Elias Peterson and Quinn Hughes who helped lead the left coasters to playoff success this summer, they are also using sandpaper types such as employees like Antoine Roussell, Michael Ferland and Calgaryan Jay Beagle to play against Canucks.

The stage was set for more emotional meetings.

Winnipeg jets

If they do not meet in the play – in this summer, this match could be the most harmless of all the Flames Canadian match ups.

However, a Takachuk hit on Mark Skyfile knocked out the Jets Star from the post-season early in the first bubble game, which was intense early on.

Coach Paul Morris went up with his fiery argument that the hit was reckless and dirty, but his players did not go so far as to target Takachuk in a series of tackles between the two big clubs.

Shortly after the hit, Takachuk fought Captain Blake Wheeler and wondered if anyone would be interested in getting any revenge in the regular season game when the scores were more easily resolved. He and Skyfile are Pauls working together off-season, so don’t expect those two to get into it.

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Games against the Vagina Trophy-winner Connor Hellebuke serve as a benchmark for Markstrom, who is considered by many to be one of the NHL netminders.

When they last met, Com Talbot overtook the Hellebook to win a four-game series for the Flames.

Calgaryans Adam Lori and Josh Morrisse also raise the local dimension.

Montreal Canadians

Some teams made more interesting moves in the off-season than the Hobbs, who were the biggest draw in Calgary before the two met in the 1986 and 1989 Cup finals.

Josh Anderson, who topped the list of late highest earners, has been actively pursuing the Flames for the past few years. After earning from Columbus, the hockey world will see if he can keep Anderson healthy and do his part as a frontline player to earn a seven-year, $ 38.5 million contract.

Tyler Tofoli is another Canadian addition, who has been interested in fires in the past.

Flame fans watched in rage as Paul Byron rose to become a team leader after being removed from the Flames by an apology in 2015.

Ditto for Brett Kulak, who grew up to be a top-four defenseman in Montreal after being ignored by the flames by trade in 2018.

Carrie Price is the top draw wherever he goes, the highest-floor franchise in the NHL lore.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The most polarizing band on earth has always been an intriguing visitor to the Dome, emphasizing that it’s probably the year to retain their title since 1967, given their decades of history and loyal Buds fan base.

Kyle Dubas certainly assembled a group of superstar forwards who sold jerseys and created interest everywhere they went, including Takachuk’s Pauls Mitch Morner and Aston Mathews.

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A handful of players like captains Mark Giordano, Sean Monahan and Sam Bennett are from the Toronto area and make it fit every time against their childhood team.

Former Flames defender TJ Brady is one of those who tried to boost his game against Leafs. He is now trying to do the same against a team he has spent a decade on.

Brady, who has signed on as a free agent to play alongside Morgan Really in the Leafs top pair, appears in his favorite spot – the spotlight – when the two clubs clash.

Ottawa Senators

Even the worst, least interesting group in Canada provides an attractive connection with the flames, provided by Takachuks through Brother vs. Brother Angle.

Brother Matthew has already reached star status – will be paid accordingly – and there is no doubt that Brady is trending in the same direction.

At 21 months and several inches (six-foot-four, 212-pound 21-year-old Matthew says “Brady is a big boy now”), the boys played four NHL games with each other, with senators winning for the first time with Brady last Christmas.

The young man started scoring that night in the presence of 40 family members and friends, but not before the referee chased down the two opening centermen, so the siblings could open the game with Face Off.

Mom promised a tough duo that they would not fight with each other, but if they see the rivalry that has long dominated their relationship around their St. Louis home, many will tune in to see how they interact.