May 25, 2022

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Here’s how to install almost any iPhone or iPad app on M1 Macs including Netflix, Instagram and more

Here's how to install almost any iPhone or iPad app on M1 Macs including Netflix, Instagram and more

Malaga Explained earlier todayEasy to download iPhone and iPad apps from the Mac App Store to run on the new M1-powered MacBook Air, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro. However, it gives Apple developers the ability to opt out of making their application available on the Mac, and many have taken that option.

On user Reddit It has now been discovered that it is actually possible to install application files or .IPA files from your iPhone on the M1 Mac.

To do this, you must have a copy of the IPA file and To the edge It needs to be associated with your Apple ID. This means you can download IPA files from other sources or share them with other users. So how do you extract an IPA file from your iPhone?

Using The application iMazing, You can directly download the IPA files of the applications you have purchased on your iPhone. The Reddit user “probably” Explains the process:

  1. Plug-in device for Mac with iMazing running
  2. Select “Apps” for the iPhone that is plugged into your Mac
  3. Select “Manage Applications” in the tabs at the bottom
  4. On the Applications screen, select “Library”
  5. Download the apps you want
  6. Right-click on the downloaded application in the list -> Export ipa

After you export the IPA, you can double-click the file and then install and move it to your Applications folder just like a normal Mac app. You can open it from Finder, Launchpad or add it directly to your MacOS dock for easy access.

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It works for most iPhone and iPad applications, including important holdouts such as Netflix, Hulu, Dark Sky and Instagram. However, some apps, such as WhatsApp and the Apple Store app, have additional requirements that can prevent them from opening on the Mac.

There are a few things to keep in mind with this strategy. First, these developers chose not to make their applications available on Mac. In many cases, things are crooked and not working properly. Netflix does not, for example, offer the ability to change full-screen mode or window size.

Instagram works fine even though it is very small. Of course I was very impressed with the Plex app, which runs without control. TickTalk also works well. But again, keep in mind that the developers chose to stop for a reason, so you should not take your complaints to them.

Finally, it could (and likely) prevent Apple in the future. This is an unsupported method of installing iPhone and iPad apps on the Apple Silicon Max, and we should not expect it to last forever. Think of it as a temporary way to explore the possibilities of these apps on your Mac.

If you are interested in trying it out, you can Download iMazing for free.

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