December 8, 2023

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Updates Google Assistant and Fi with family-based features

Updates Google Assistant and Fi with family-based features

Google has announced new family-based updates for Assistant and Phi, which will be useful for the epidemic period whether you are all under one roof or you are planning a vacation visit.

The changes of the assistant are mainly focused on smart displays Nest Hub Max, In which a lot of old and new features are collected in a new section called “Family Tab”.

Family notes “stick” to the main screen of your show.
Image: Google

The first new addition is Family Notes, which allows you to specify sticky note-style messages for things to do and reminders. Notes “stick” to the main screen of your smart display so that the next display will be visible to anyone.

Family Bell is getting new sound effects.
Image: Google

Family company theme, continuing with assistants Family Bell feature, Uses hours to set day reminders at home, getting a little update with new sound effects and suggested hours. Google says it plans to add the ability to pause all hours of the day while you also enjoy hard-earned time.

Interactive stories for smart displays.
Image: Google

To fill that time, the assistant is getting some new education and entertainment options for families with young children. Using the new voice command, “Hey Google, what can I learn with my family?” The updated smart display provides learning activities from providers such as ABCmouse for children to complete.

Entertaining If your speed is high, Assistant’s “Hey Google, tell me a story” command brings new interactive stories for smart displays, allowing you to turn pages, read by word, and watch custom animations.

“Hey Google, where is my family?”
Image: Google

Rounding up Assistant Family Features is a new command to get updates about your family location. “Hey Google, where is my family?” You may ask. Or ask about a specific family member and get their last known location on Assistant Google Maps‌. This feature requires a family account with Google, participating family members must be over 13 years old, and location sharing must be enabled on Google Maps or in shared applications such as Life 360

Expands parental controls on Fi

For Fi, the updates mainly extend parental controls on the cell service. In addition to setting a data budget, parents can block calls and texts from strangers so that children do not have to pay the bill to download videos or games. Google also says it’s easy to set up Family link service On children’s Android phones, so parents can create content filters and limit screentime. Fi-specific features are available at no extra cost; Family Link Free Download Google Play Yet App Store.

Google says updates to Fi are expected next week. There is no specific date for the Assistant’s updates, but Google says the Family Tab is coming to an end and I hope the new features do the same.

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