January 27, 2023

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Weather Center announces new album Ignorance, shares video for new song “Tried to Tell You”: Watch

Weather Center announces new album Ignorance, shares video for new song “Tried to Tell You”: Watch

Tamara Lindemann announces her fifth studio album Meteorological Center: Ignorance Comes by February 5, 2021 Fat possum. Follow-up of 2017 Meteorological Center Single “Thief. Below, find the music video for the new single “Trade to Tell You” “Thief” scene.

In a statement, Lindemann “tried to tell you” that “reaching out to someone; a particular person, or every individual, is reducing their brutal and most passionate selfies in the service of a self-destructive order (and the world?).”

The video depicts a man surrounded by visions of wonder and beauty that emanates from within and around him, but rather than reacting with awe or joy, he responds with anger, indifference and distrust. We are taught not to see the natural world in which we still live, preferring to live artificially, which is very often a lesser alternative to the powerful reality. Flowers really do rise out of the mud, and many of us are full of treasures and beauties, but we often discount these or throw them away.

Recorded by Tamara Lindeman Ignorance With drummer Kieran Adams, bassist Ben Whiteley, percussionist Philip Mellonson, saxophonist Brady West, flutist Ryan driver, keyboardist Johnny Spence and guitarist Christine Bougainville. In addition to her voice, Lindemann played the piano and guitar on the record. In addition, she built together Ignorance With Marcus Paquin, he also co-wrote the album.

On Thursday, February 11, 2021, the Weather Center will give a full band performance Ignorance. Find tickets at Noon Chorus.

Weather Center: Ignorance


01 thief
02 Atlantic
03 Tried to tell you
04 Parking Lot
05 Damage
06 Separation
07 Wear
08 Trust
09 heart
10 subdivisions