May 25, 2022

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Putting James Harden on the Rockets has given up, becoming ill with trade

Putting James Harden on the Rockets has given up, becoming ill with trade

The Houston Rockets realized that James Harden wanted to move on from the franchise and his mind was set, but they were not ready to go into the trade to his preferred destination.

Houston used to be “Ready for inconvenience“With harden conditions.

“The impression I get from the Rockets is that their ambition, their goal, their hope is no longer about maintaining a relationship with James Hardon and bringing him on board,” said Tim McMahon on the Brian Windhorst podcast. “There was a realization, you know, his mind was made up. He wants to and ‘Well, we’ve got it. It’s happening in the NBA, but James Horden wants to dictate where and for what he will not get. [he’s traded].

“James Harden had to direct the Russell Westbrook trade last summer. Tillman [Fertitta] Liked it even at the time. Don’t get me wrong. James Horden is the driving force behind that trade. That is no secret.

“Harden does not say where he is trading and basically does not force the rockets to take a package of 60 cents per dollar for a permanent MVP candidate. They are preparing for the post what the rockets are currently doing – Harden reconstruction.”

McMahon also reported what the rockets want for Harden.

“A package for Harden, and listen, this thing has grown a lot faster than I could have imagined. All of this stuff is fluid. We understand that. The Rockets are saying to us’ The young franchise Cornerstone type player and the Picks package like a Jr. Holiday. That’s where conversations should start. . ‘And do you see the young franchise Cornerstone caliber layer on the nets? Do you see Caris Levert as a young man or a pillar of the franchise?

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“Well, he’s your point, he’s not Ben Simmons,” replied Brian Windhorst.

Russell Westbrook For the situation, they have no trade, so they want to keep him now and he can increase his trade value.