May 19, 2022

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McEnney has cracked the ‘unforgivable’ 2016 transition, saying GSA certification for Biden comes ‘at the right time’

McEnney has cracked the 'unforgivable' 2016 transition, saying GSA certification for Biden comes 'at the right time'

White House Press Secretary Kylie McEnney said Friday that General House administration Joe Biden will confirm the election “at the right time,” while denouncing the 2016 transition process from Barack Obama to Donald Trump as “unforgivable.”

The official declaration established by the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 – Biden’s transition to the GSA’s “confirmation” decision is stagnant. Until that confirmation is made, the Biden team will not officially begin the conversion process. The delay will cost the Biden team more than $ 6 million for its ability to meet with officials in federal funding, security clearances and intelligence agencies.

Biden Transition Team Continues for Fundraising Waiting for GSA certification

McEnney, however, told a White House press conference on Friday that the GSA would “make the determination at the right time,” citing the ongoing “constitutional process” of highlighting the Trump campaign’s litigation efforts around 2020. Presidential elections.

“There are questions that need to be answered,” McEnney said. “The GSA will determine when confirmation is reached.”

“There is a Presidential Transition Act that decides exactly what the administration should do before the election,” McEnney said. “We did everything we could legally do.”

Although President-elect Biden received more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency, President Trump has yet to agree.

McNani defended the move, saying the Trump campaign “continues the ongoing lawsuit” and “takes it on a daily basis.”

“The president is clear – he wants every legal vote to be counted and not illegal votes counted,” McEnney said.

For the concession, she said: “I will leave it to the president.”

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But McNani suggested the Trump transition process in 2016, reflecting the Russian investigation and the resistance of Democrats.

“His presidency was never accepted,” she said, referring to Russia’s investigation as “baseless allegations” and “attempts to suppress the will of the American people.”

McEnroe blamed the FBI’s original Russian investigation as “an attempt to silence the American public” and referred to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants passed to monitor former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

McEnney moved to the transition period of Trump, referring to Senator Elizabeth Warren, de-Moss, who at the time said she would “prevent” and “investigate” Trump’s transition.

“You have 70 legislators, we’re not coming to his inauguration – Democrats,” McEnney said, followed by a two-year-long investigation into the “fake” and “widely removed” steel document and former Special Counsel Robert Mueller that Trump or his campaign members influenced the 2016 election Coordinated with the Russians to do.

“In 2016, many people tried to undermine him, humiliate him and deny his success,” McKennie said. “There are no calls for unity.”

Trump-Russia Probe Documents Announced by Date: Things to Know

She said: “President Trump had to endure four years of his presidency.”

However, during his inauguration on January 20, 2017, Trump praised the assistance provided by the Obama administration during the transition.

“Every four years, we collect these steps to transfer power systematically and peacefully, and we thank President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for their efforts throughout this transition,” Trump said. “They’re amazing.”

The Trump campaign has sued several Biden-led battlefield states with razor-thin margins, including Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia. The campaign cited cases of illegal vote counting after election day and prevented poll viewers from counting.

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The Biden Transformation Team, which is awaiting GSA certification, continues to raise funds in support of the plan.

The Biden conversion official told Fox News on Thursday that the Biden-Harris transition “has been planning for months for all possible circumstances.”

“While we look forward to the GSA Administrator justifying the will of the people and being the right servant to the taxpayer’s resources, we will implement on contingency plans, including continuing to request private funding in support of the transition plan,” the official said in a statement. “The country faces many challenges to have a fully funded and sensitive transition to prepare the president-elect and vice-president-elect to rule on the first day.”

Political Biden reported on Thursday that the transition had raised more than $ 8 million and that the GSA would delay the delay and increase its target. These funds will help cover the costs associated with the transition, including payment staff.