June 30, 2022

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Psychic Finale Spoiler Discussion Zone: Did the fans enjoy it?

Psychic Finale Spoiler Discussion Zone: Did the fans enjoy it?

Same, Winchesters.  Same.

Same, Winchesters. Same.
Screen shot: CW

15 years later our involuntary constant Great cultural count, Supernatural Is over. And Boy Howdy, an episode of television occurred. Ever had the idea to bring 15 years of hunting closer? Disobedient sons, talk to us.

So ... that iSupernatural / i Finale, am I right?

Heat the heels of the whole Absurd fever dream It’s Canon for about 30 seconds, and “carry on” always sues the court for some level of controversy when Sam and Dean try to wrap up the story. In particular So the conclusion is that it is not really done Give a lot of ideas Due to the climactic battle with Chuck before the episode, expect to go inside.

However, in reality, I have a feeling that some people can reverse what happened.

Winchesters do the usual business of joking around, turning around, and eventually fighting some killer vampires in a barn – the end takes one Hard Suddenly, swing when one of the vampires Dean Impals on a Nail. Without moving Dean slowly bleeds in front of his upset brother. It’s not even the nail on the head in particular! Still, Dean Winchester is going to heaven (no wonder the man who confessed his love for Dean a few episodes ago, he’s going invisible at the end.

The rest of the episode tries to process Sam Living Without his brother, mostly by giving up hunting, settling into a relationship and getting dressed A wig is too bad It does InhumansTake Medusa It’s like an Oscar-winning costume. After a long life, Sam and Dean finally meet back in heaven, which is now, thankfully, an experience shared with those who departed, the lasting memories it used to be.

And … that’s all. It’s performance, basically. It’s very strange, at least sending crucial characters a little more than just a reference, a long death by a torn barn structure (seriously, it’s time to give Dean Length, Emotional speech).

Fans have already started airing their grievances about the resolution online, but we’d like to throw it at you: Are you satisfied with how Sam and Dean’s adventures ended? Let us know in the comments. Or post some Kansas if you are too inclined.

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