March 28, 2023

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Rachel Maddo returns to the air, describing her partner’s virus bout

Rachel Maddo returns to the air, describing her partner's virus bout

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LOS ANGELES (AP) – Rachel Maddo returned passionately to her MSNBC program on Thursday after her partner’s match with COVID-19 was so intense that they thought it would kill her.

Mado has not aired for about two weeks since it was revealed that she had close relationships with people who tested positive for the coronavirus. Mado did not reveal who it was at the time, but on Thursday evening said it was his partner Susan Mikula.

“At one point, we really thought it might have killed her and that’s why I stayed away,” Mado said.

“She was the center of my life,” he added.

Maddo said her partner was recovering and OK, but that did not seem to be the case at the beginning of her illness. Maddo says she has so far tested negative for the virus.

She was the host of MSNBC’s most watched show and aired from inside her home, having experienced some technical issues before sharing their coronavirus experience.

“Don’t get this thing. Do whatever it takes to avoid getting it, ”Mado said. “For Thanksgiving next week, you really stay home from getting people.”

Maddox says her blockade will end soon, but she will “broadcast like this until it’s safe for me to be around my colleagues.”

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