March 28, 2023

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The Ferry Mask image is replaced after everyone smiles

The Ferry Mask image is replaced after everyone smiles

The BC Ferries sign, which reminds passengers to wear a mask, has attracted more attention than ated, even mentioned on US late-night television.

The signs show the profile of the person wearing the mask, which is mandatory from August at BC Ferries terminals and on board vessels.

No one noticed at BC Ferries, however, the film is reminiscent of some part of the male anatomy.

BC Ferries President and Chief Executive Mark Collins said Friday that it was a stock image that the company paid for the right to use. “We didn’t see it at first,” he said. “But after you saw it, I realized you couldn’t see it.”

Eagle-eyed social media users noticed the image and started joking about it online.

This week, James Corden, host of the Late Late Show, also had some fun, saying “a company in Canada is taking a lot of care online for its sign that encourages people to wear a mask.”

“Because, you’ll see when you see.”

To Chuckles’ voice, Corden said: “Sorry, I can’t hear you. I got a penis in my ear. I mean, talk about ‘graphic design’. ”

Collins estimates that BC Ferries could post thousands of signals at offices and terminals and on ships.

“There should be 50 or 60 in our headquarters. They are everywhere. It’s a measure of how seriously we take masks.”

While the film is currently in its infancy, the replacement of the signs is expected to begin next month.

“It’s not going to happen right away – people are having fun with it,” Collins said. “If it catches their attention about the severity of wearing a mask and the need to wear a mask, I’m okay with that.”

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