June 7, 2023

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The foot locker launch attracts spectators in downtown Vancouver

The foot locker launch attracts spectators in downtown Vancouver

Vancouver – Those lined up outside the foot locker store in downtown Vancouver do not seem to mind BC’s strict new COVID-19 restrictions.

Some shopkeepers outside the Foot Locker Power Store on Robson Street are worried about appearing as groups of friends waiting for the experiment together.

Jasmine Khan told CTV News that teams with “multiple friends from many different homes from different cities” were queuing up together, and questioned why no one was enforcing the provisional public health order except for that kind of behavior.

“No one here is socially alienated, no one here wears their masks properly,” Khan said.

“They can all come together in public, step on each other and talk and gossip and spread a disease.”

Khan was one of many waiting to get his hands dirty on the way to the new Ivy Park from Beyonc, with some waiting outside at night.

“I try to stay back as much as possible, take care of my own business and stay away from everyone,” she says.

Foot Locker’s western Canadian sales director told CTV News that the store has security guards at night and throughout the day, reminding people to stay away physically.

“I would say at times, yes, the line looked a little off each other, but I thought we did a good job of catching it,” Nicholas Keeling said.

Vancouver is one of several cities that have been under a tough social lockdown since November 7, forbidding people from socializing personally with anyone outside of their “core bubble,” which for many residents are people from their own home.

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