June 28, 2022

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The Grace Anatomy boss show reveals why Meredith was given the coronavirus

greys anatomy why show gave meredith coronavirus

This is not for headlines, or ratings, nor just for grabbing A book on anatomy Story Arc That Shoranner Christa Vernoff Ellen Pompeo’s meredith test decided to be positive For COVID-19. This is for real-life first-responders in the front lines of the epidemic.

“Last week, we experienced the pain of Meredith Gray as a physician treating the early rise of COVID patients,” the EP said. The Hollywood Reporter. “This week, she’s starting to experience herself being a Kovid patient.”

Sadly, this is an experience that many of Gray’s real-life counterparts already have. In fact, Vernoff believes that “1,700 health workers in the US have died with COVID so far.” “It simply came to our notice then.

“Healthcare workers are at the forefront of this crisis,” she adds, “they are living through untrained war”.

Depending on the choice, she could not turn – or ABC drama would not allow that. “We saw the opportunity to dramatically and brighten their plight through Meredith Gray’s very well-liked and well-known character,” she explains. “Doctors and nurses are fighting for us and falling for us.

“The At least All we could do was wear a mask, stay socially away and stay at home whenever possible, ”she continues. “Meredith has a real fight over her. And … she has that beach. Dark and light.”

Already, there is a beach that Gray visits when dreaming She was reunited with her late husband, Derek (Patrick Dempsey in the Surprising Performance of the Millennium). When the show returns on Thursday, December 3 (9/8C), it will be surrounded by tides of “another person from her past”. “It’s a powerful season,” Vernoff said. “Wait.”

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Do we have any doubts? What to do You Have you thought about the series decision to deal with Meri with COVID? Tap the comments with your reactions.