December 6, 2023

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LHSC announced an outbreak in Parkwood on Monday as it reported more positive cases

LHSC announced an outbreak in Parkwood on Monday as it reported more positive cases

The outbreak was announced in the inpatient unit at London’s Parkwood Institute, where most of the staff at the largest hospital in southwestern Ontario were found to be infected.

On the day the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) reported a new death in the area, a man in their 70s was associated with an unknown “group of cases”.

The Public Health Unit reported Friday about the Parkwood outbreak in a department at a hospital caring for deaf veterans run by St. Joseph’s Healthcare.

The London Health Sciences Center updated its website on Monday, showing that four other staff had tested positive, bringing the total to 19.

Also, the hospital said it has been looking after 14 patients with COVID-19 since 11 last week.

The MLHU said on Monday it had registered nine new infections, all of which were living in London. All four are in their 20s or younger. One person is in their 70s.

During a two-week weekly briefing, Dr Chris Mackie, MLHU’s medical officer, said the numbers in the area were stable and people in the area should be congratulated.

“If the spread of the disease can be kept stable until the vaccine spreads, we can make a difference in the number of deaths,” said Mackie, one of the lowest per capita cases in Middlesex-London.

Penalties were issued

This past week, Baila officials are confirming that people are wearing masks and following the rules of distance.

Mayor Ed Holder said a restaurant owner was fined 50,850 for not providing staff with proper protective equipment. He said another bar owner was fined for hosting one band and not creating barriers between musicians and the audience.

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London police said they were also investigating two major meetings over the weekend, alleging that more than 15 people, including a party on On Street, were not wearing masks inside the house.

A 20-year-old woman from Toronto has been charged with attending and hosting an indoor conference.

Holder said Byla officials have issued warnings to people in shopping malls running and eating outside designated food courts.

“Even with our numbers today, we still see people in the hospital and sadly someone is dead, so we continue to make the right choices in our daily activities,” Holder said.

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