March 25, 2023

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BC Ferries viral sign shares similar to Gold Gym

BC Ferries viral sign shares similar to Gold Gym

Although BC Ferries learned of their new signs, no one noticed them at this gym months ago

A Vancouverite spotted some witty – yet decisively known – signs at their local gym this week.

On Monday, November 23, Reddit-user Torontogron shared a picture of a logo at the Gold Gym, which advised members to wear face shields. The sign reads “Let’s all workout safely” in bold lettering, and later suggested that people wear masks while at the gym, as physical distance can be maintained unless cardio-vascular devices are used.

The poster also features a profile of a man’s head with a gold gym-branded mask. However, as Reddit-user says, it is very similar to the graphic design that BC Ferries recently implemented on its ships.

Photo: Torontogron / Reddit

Earlier this month, BC Ferris raised eyebrows with visible safety signs. Late Late Show host James Corden is sharing a graphic image in one of his sections.

“I mean, talk about graphic design,” Corden joked.

In response, a A BC Ferries spokesperson tweeted, “What ination ha … If anyone did not know about our mandatory requirement to wear masks… they now know.”

Justin Baker, director of communications for Golds Gym in BC, says in a phone interview that Vancouver is awesome, that not many people have heard the comparison between the two films. Also, he says gyms implemented new safety codes months ago – long before BC Ferries

“These are stock pictures we bought months ago,” Baker explained. “We have strict protocols in all our clubs and use the professional graphic icons we used in our COVID message.”

Tile-4-Mask-and-Gloves-CopyPhoto: Torontogron / Reddit

Baker adds that the clubs were temporarily closed at the beginning of the epidemic, but most of them reopened in early June. During this time, Jim implemented a strict COVID-19 protocol that included a variety of security codes.

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In Vancouver, the Gold Gym on West Broadway reopened on June 1.

Until the last few days, Baker said, no one mentioned the odds about the signs. For now, Jim will continue to use them to inform people that they must wear a mask inside the gym.

Another Reddit user, Dominion 47, shared an image similar to viral signals.

Mask-Folic-VancouverPhoto: Dominance 47 / Reddit

Referring to the jaw-dropping graphic, Reddit-user stated that “they used the same in my building”.

“We modified them a little bit.”