March 25, 2023

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Have you been to a Halifax bar or restaurant at night for the past 2 weeks? Get the COVID-19 test

Have you been to a Halifax bar or restaurant at night for the past 2 weeks?  Get the COVID-19 test

Anyone who has been to a Halifax bar or restaurant recently past 10pm, or who works in one, is asking to get a COVID-19 test.

The province announced Tuesday that it is expanding its feature testing strategy for people who go or work in bars and restaurants at midnight.

These people are asking to be tested even if they have no symptoms of the virus.

“Most of our recent COVID-19 cases were among young people who went to bars and restaurants in the middle of the night,” Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Robert Strong said in a statement.

“This extensive testing initiative will help us to detect new cases in advance, get people to test positive for self-segregation and stop the spread of the virus. It’s a tool in our toolbox, but it does not diminish how important it is to tighten their social groups and activities and follow public health measures.”

Self-isolation without symptoms is not required

Must be people who have worked or been in a bar or restaurant in the urban and suburban areas of the Halifax Regional Municipality for the past two weeks Click here To schedule the test.

This applies to all bars and restaurants that open late at HRM (excluding areas east of Lake Porter), and in both Enfield and Mount Uniake areas in both HRM and Hunts County.

Individuals tested by this process do not self-isolate while waiting for test results, as long as they have no symptoms.

Characteristic testing will be available to staff and patrons of licensed companies until November 30. Walk-in testing is not available; People need to book in advance.

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“It’s not about blaming or insulting,” Strong said in the release.

“The important thing right now is that people come forward so we can identify COVID-19 cases and take steps to reduce the spread.”

Rapid testing Pilot began in The Dome The Saturday nightclub in downtown Halifax continues this week. The province said these pop-up sites go to new places every day.

Anyone who gets a positive result from a fast test will get a standard test and will be sent home to be self-isolated as soon as they wait for those results.

Lots of restaurants closing for lunch

Tuesday, Nova Scotia’s Restaurant Association Called to all restaurants And bars in Halifax‌ have been close to customers dining for at least two weeks because of the growing COVID-19 case numbers in the area.

The extended test comes a day after the new collection limit restrictions were imposed for the Halifax area and Hunts County. Now five people can collect from 10 without physical distance.

As of Monday, 51 active cases have been reported in Nova Scotia and the public health community has confirmed the outbreak.