March 25, 2023

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Grammy Chief Harvey Mason Jr.. 2021 nominations, Justin Bieber, category changes and more discussions

Grammy Chief Harvey Mason Jr..  2021 nominations, Justin Bieber, category changes and more discussions

The 2021 Grammy Award Nominations Arrived yesterday The good news For artists such as Beyonc,, Taylor Swift, Billy Elish, Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa. It was a setback for an unnamed artist: Weekend Album and Singles Not detected Through the Recording Academy, Harvey Mason Jr. is the Chair and Acting President / CEO of the Recording Academy. Social media outrage from the singer’s fans and colleagues has raised questions for reporters about the exception.

Speaking to Mason Pitchfork on Tuesday night, Weekend Grammy tweeted that he was “corrupt” and demanded answers. After hearing the tweet, Mason declined to comment, but soon released a statement stating three central points: he was surprised that the weekend was not nominated, that the decision was based on academy voters, and that the recording academy did not impose the rumor. Super BowlAs initially reported – the associated ultimatum TMZ.

In a way, the storm response to the announcement of nominations for Mason’s turbulent year at the recording academy was a natural addition. He became Interim CEO in January This year, a few days ago 2020 Grammy Awards, As Deborah Dugan Removed from character Finally Fired. Mason, who could not discuss the recording academy’s ongoing mediation with Dugan, was in the role on a voluntary basis. He said the search for a new CEO has slowed COVID-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday night, he asked questions from Pitchfork about the rationale behind it Renaming the world music category, The future of his position, and Justin Bieber Argument He should be nominated for R&B Awards. When asked if the recording academy had any reservations about Lucas, he said, “Dr. Luca’s Gottwald Nomination for Record of the Year for producing Doja Cat’s “Say So” (nicknamed) Tyson Tracks), Mason refused to answer at the time and promised to send a statement on the matter. “I want to get it right and really think about how I feel and how the academy feels about it,” he said.

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Pitchfork: This year, Grammy is the best world music album ever Now the best global music album. Can you tell me why the word “global music” is so important to “world music”?

Harvey Mason Jr..: We’ve met exclusively with people in the past known as the World Music Community, and they felt that the terminology did not properly describe their community and that they felt it was a little offensive and did not fit in adequately with the variety of music they produced and wanted. To submit in that category. We worked with them for a month to really go back and forth about what that category really holds. They suggested terminology. We felt good about coming from the experts we gathered to talk about and socialize about it.

For us at the academy, in the past we did not always move as fast and fast as some people like, so this is a step in our quest to make sure we are listening and learning from our musical families and constituencies. And paying attention and respecting people, so when they feel they have done something wrong or they are misrepresented or they are offended in a way, we want to be quick to dress up and pivot, so that’s the result of what it is.

Pitchfork: Barna Boy has been nominated in that category again this year and apparently, West African pop music is becoming more and more popular every year. Did the recording academy think of opening up more categories for styles like Afrobeats or K-Pop?

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