March 28, 2023

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There is a local land receipt for Masi’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

There is a local land receipt for Masi's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The 2020 parade includes land acceptance, a traditional rattle song and a blessing honoring the people of Native American tribes historically in the Northeast.

“Did you catch the performance of the Wampanog language blessing?” Macy tweeted After 10 a.m. ET, with photo of participant.
The highlight of the parade is the indigenous people across North America Move to reclaim their lands, A campaign that is gaining steam as America is being caught up with the injustices committed against the grassroots.
The tradition was accepted Thursday Lenape territory of Manahatta – The site of the parade in the New York borough of Manhattan – According to For news release From Indigenous Direction, the company has collaborated in this field, consulting indigenous cultural protocols in theater and film.

In English, Blessing translates: “Creator and ancestor, we respect you for all things. We respect the Lenap people in our heart. We respect all our relationships because we were here a long time ago. Now we are here and we will always be here. So, “According to the release.

The Mashpee Wampanog tribe, also known as the People of the First Light Lived in present-day Massachusetts and East Rhode Island Over 12,000 years.

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