March 28, 2023

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The Best Cyber ​​Monday 2020 TV Deals on Amazon

The Best Cyber ​​Monday 2020 TV Deals on Amazon


General Lalonde, cross country nationals turned down the opportunity to run his own race at 3-Pete

For General Lolonde, part of the attraction of cross country running was the unexpected unexpected 3,000m steeplechase, not to mention her signing event. “I know there are going to be 35 barriers, some of which will not have water,” she said. “I usually know what pace is, but I don’t know in cross country. It could be anyone’s day.” Lalonde, a two-time defending senior women’s champion, had hoped Saturday would be her day for the third year in a row at the Canadian Championships, but the event, scheduled to take place at Clearbrook Park in Abbotsford, BC, was canceled in August because of the coronavirus epidemic. However, this weekend she is planning her own cross country version – the solo is running a 10km time trial. As the Canadian record holder does not enter the steeplechase race this summer it will be Moncton, NB, a local effort to emulate the “normal” year. “I did an 8K time trial a few weeks ago and it was the same [B.C.] The provincial championships, “said Lolonde, who flew from the Gulf of Victoria to Victoria in January and married Canadian triathlete John Rossmussen in September.” It gives me goals [strive for] I haven’t competed since February and imitate pre-race jitters [for] When I stepped for the truth. “Standing for a tough race in Abbotsford on Saturday and watching the long-running community together to celebrate the sport, the French on-air host on Radio Victoria said she would miss it.” National Cross Country Championships Women’s 10K champion at the 2020 Pan American Cross Country Cup in Victoria. “You never know how the race will go, so some part is ready for anything fun.” See | General Lalonde Pan Am runs to stipulate gold: Looking back, the path to success in the last two years has not been much different. Kingston in “The Gift to Come Out with Success” [Ont.], My goal is to drive with Natasha Vodak, as long as I can, “Lalonde said of his famous 2018 race plan at the famous Fort Henry course. I know she dominated the cross country scene and was a sandy runner. She is really strong, consistent and knows her trajectory, so I know if I run with her, I will have a better chance of winning the medal. “I started to break from [lead] The group and I knew the moment was over and had so much fun. Joel [Bourgeois], My coach [behind the scenes], Coaching [at] At that time Laval was running around the university and the course. I remember him saying “there is a way to go” and I was smiling and aving, ”the 2016 Olympian continued. Coming out was so rewarding. “Last year was very different at Abbotsford. After a month of training after a long track season I took the time, I knew it would be hard, but I do not know how hard 10K can be. [eventual second-place finisher] Sarah Inglis is relentless. Maria [Bernard-Galea] It is behind us and it is back and forth. “The three of us were surfing and going a kilometer, [my primary coach] Hillary [Stellingwerff, from the University of Victoria] She looked at me and said, ‘Get it done.’ I don’t know if I will. I was able to [pull out] Success, but it was the hardest run I ever made. “She does not know when or where her next race will take place. The 2019 Pan Am Steeplechase gold medalist recently tried to combine things in her training – running trails and hurdle drills track and long, muddy hills – to keep things fun and prepare her for all racial situations right now.” My focus is on consistent base mileage, “Lalonde said.” It’s not going to happen if she competes indoors in January and February. Extend beyond one or two races. “The focus will be on having the Olympics [next] Being summer and ready, be happy and healthy. Crossing the finish line in Tokyo is where we want to be. “

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