March 27, 2023

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Romain Grosjean escaped a horrific F1 crash at the Bahrain GP

Romain Grosjean escaped a horrific F1 crash at the Bahrain GP

Formula One champion Louis Hamilton won the crash-mard Bahrain Grand Prix, where Romain Grosjean escaped with some minor burns after his car exploded in a fireball.

The Frenchman’s Haas car split in half and sank into flames, soon after it opened through defensive barriers, following contact with Daniel Quiet’s Alfatouri.

A spokesman for the governing body FIA said the impact had weighed more than 50g.

“[Romain] Is stable and is being taken to MDF MC Military Hospital by helicopter for further evaluation, ”the governing body said.

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In the Bahrain F1 race, Romain Grosjean of France was severely prevented from splitting his car in half. Grosjean walked away from the crash with minor injuries. 2:59

A spokesman for Grosjean’s Haas team said the 34-year-old had minor burns to his arms and ankles and had one or more suspicious broken ribs.

Drivers and team members stood and applauded as they watched Grosjean climb over the barrier for safety and spray with a fire extinguisher.

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French driver Romain Grossjeen escaped from his burning car in a massive crash that tore his car in half during Sunday’s F1 race in Bahrain. 1:03

The accident happened when Grosszine lost control and slipped to the right, where his rear wheel was clipped to the front of Daniel Quatt’s alpha-tauri and he flew into the obstacle.

During that time, seven-time F1 champion Hamilton led Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Racing Point’s Sergio Perez.

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Authorities quickly worked to build a temporary crash barrier where the old one had collapsed.

Canada’s Stroll was not injured in the special crash

Hamilton was suppressed and did not celebrate his victory after getting out of his car, except for a brief fist-pump with Red Bull drivers.

“It’s a very shocking image to watch … terrible. It can be very bad,” Hamilton said. “I respect the dangers in this sport.”

Moments after the race resumed 90 minutes later, on the third lap of 57, Montreal driver Lance Stroll’s racing point clipped Daniel Quatt’s Alphatouri and flipped.

Before leaving, Stroll joked about hanging upside down in his car. He is safe.

Nicholas Latifi, a native of Montreal, was 14th in driving for Williams.

Quatt was involved in two crashes but not wrong.

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Louis Hamilton won his 95th career F1 victory in Bahrain after a long delay, including being repulsed by Lance Stroll of Canada. 3:35

The first accident occurred when Grosjean lost his grip and slid to the right, where his rear wheel quattro was clipped to the front of the car and he flew into the obstacle.

Hamilton’s record 95th win is ahead of Verstappen, who took the bonus point with his 41st career podium and fast lap.

Perez finished third and picked up his 10th career podium, but his engine was left with three laps and his car caught fire as he pulled back toward the car.

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It ranked third over Red Bull’s Alexander Alban McLarens of Lando Norris and Carlos Science. While junior, Hamilton Mercedes teammate Valteri Botas was eighth.

Before the end of the 17-race season in Abu Dhabi – there is another race in Bahrain next Sunday – on Zakhir’s short outer tur circuit.