December 8, 2022

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Georgia Senate Runoff: Over 940,000 mail-in ballot requests reported

Georgia Senate Runoff: Over 940,000 mail-in ballot requests reported
According to Sterling, there are 604,255 people eligible to receive mail-in ballots automatically. For comparison, 1,322,529 absentee ballots were cast in the November general election, a Release From the Office of the Secretary of State of Georgia.

So far 1,040 ballots have been returned, Sutterling said, “a small trick we expect to get bigger soon.”

Georgia voters must request non-attendance ballots for the runoff again, except for military members or physically disabled persons who requested absentee ballots for the entire election cycle, except those over 65, even if they voted absenteeism in November.

Republicans are working hard to encourage voters to support current Republican sense. Kelly Loffler and David Perdue continue to doubt President Donald Trump’s presidential results.

If any of the current Republicans holds their seats, the party will retain its majority control in the Chamber. Democratic Challengers Joan Osaf and Rev. If both Rafael Warnock win, Democrats will gain control of the Senate for a tie-breaking vote for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

On Saturday, Rona McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee Although some voters have already expressed skepticism about expanding resources in the race they see as determined, they have persuaded Republicans to vote in the election. Trump will decide Go to Peach State on Saturday for the campaign For loafler and perdue.
On Monday, the Georgian government announced that Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger – both Republicans – Trump rejected the calls To manipulate state election results for more than a week with Joe Biden certified as the winner.

Over the course of a few weeks, Trump has made a series of unsubstantiated claims regarding fraud in the state, for which there is no evidence. Biden won the state by a margin of more than 12,000 votes, and both Kemp and Rafens‌berger pledged to abide by the law.

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“Well, as I said today (Sense. Lofler and Perdue), I think you’re acting in a very fraudulent system.

Loffler and Perdue Rafens‌berger called for his resignation, claiming he had done something wrong but without giving specific evidence to support their claims.

The ongoing coronavirus epidemic on the logistics of the upcoming runoff election is also ongoing. Georgia has 471,563 coronavirus cases – the sixth highest in any state – as well as 9,452 deaths from the virus. Information From Johns Hopkins University.
The Electoral process This has been going on since the beginning of the month, with November 18 being the start date for the registrar to mail the absent ballot. December 7 marks the voter registration deadline to vote in the federal runoff election, and individual or early voting for the general election runoff for federal offices begins on December 14th.

CNN’s Chandelis Duster, Paul LeBlanc, Betsy Klein, Donald Judd and Ryan Nobles contributed to the report.