April 1, 2023

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Operation Rebrand Melania: What can we expect from the first woman’s rumored memory? | Melania Trump

OmElania Trump Woman in a few words: She Be the best At brevity. Now the First Lady is preparing to vacate the White House, however, she seems to have found her throat. Melania is rumored to be planning to write a memoir about her time in government office. “She’s not done, or goes as quiet as you’d expect,” a mysterious source said recently. New York Post.

Well, she’s not. Melania may not have Gabb’s gift, but she is good at getting any opportunity for self-improvement that comes her way. When Donald Trump came to power, many liberals wanted to see Melania as a victim. #FreeMelaniaMimes Circulation; Theories that she did runner Body replaced by double There are plenty.

But Melania, it was painfully clear, was not a fading violet. She is not a victim. Every bit of her looks like her husband, not short: while Melania’s ex-boyfriend, Stephanie Winston Volkoff, Believe, the first lady has spent most of the last four years Deceptive ways to undermine Ivanka. During the inauguration, for example, it was reported that Melania had started “Operation Black Ivanka” And set up seating to ensure that you do not see your first daughter on television during the President’s swearing-in. Princess Ivanka was stopped by the head of Queen Melania.

Extreme childhood is not a good trait in man. However, this can be done for excellent content in memories. I have high hopes that after leaving the White House, Melania will fully embrace her dark side and bring the Trump family into disrepute and degrade everyone. If she does not dish out family dust, her memory is very anemic: her time as first lady did not act properly. Chapter One: It’s the best times and the worst; Although married to the biggest bully in the world I started an anti-bullying action. Chapter Two: Storm Daniels called my husband’s genitals “The Mushroom character In Mario Kart ”. Chapter Three: I went on a safari to Kenya Strange immigrant hat. Chapter Four: I was outraged about that Immigrant children and Christmas. Chapter Five: I dug up the Rose Garden. Chapter Six: I was infected with coronavirus.

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As Melania prepares for the next chapter of her life, it seems that she has already started throwing at her close and beloved wolves in an attempt to clean up her image. On Monday, the New York Post published a terrible piece About the First Lady, She announced that she had been severely abused by Chief of Staff and Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham. The pals of the first lady who ordered the launch of Operation Rebrand Melania were imagined to be quoted in this piece.

Melania was very happy about the idea of ​​writing a memoir, but I had a terrible feeling that she was the one who got the last laugh. She may not produce something like the Michelle Obama memoir Becoming, But she bucks quickly and becomes even richer. She may have to pull her husband out of the West Wing kicking and screaming, but Melania laughed and conspired.