April 2, 2023

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Fred VanVleet Signs Four Year Deal With Toronto Raptors

As the postseason games for the 2019/2020 season come to an end and the beginning of the new season nears, plenty is happening in the NBA and with this comes exciting news for the Raptors with the re-signing of VanVleet. But how will this affect their performance in 2020? To help you get ahead of the curve with all the latest information, we have compiled everything all in one place.

Free Agent Point Guard Fred VanVleet

With four years of experience in the NBA for the Toronto Raptors since leaving Wichita State, this player has been one of the best point guards on the free-agent market up until recent weeks. With a total number of 231 games played throughout his career with a total of 10.5 points scored in four years, he is perhaps one of the best point guards in the team.

With his ability to break through the field and work well with other members of the team, there is no denying that VanVleet is a valuable asset to the team. However, with VanVleet being a free agent, there was no definite that he would be returning to the team next season. It is this uncertainty ahead of the upcoming season that saw many fans question whether the superstar point guard may make the switch to one of the other several NBA teams that have shown interest in him throughout the course of last season

 The Performance Of The Toronto Raptors

Though the NBA Season is not due to start for another few days on December 22nd, it is looking promising for the raptors to have another amazing season this year following an impressive performance in the post-season match-ups. With a second-place table finish in the regular season that continued into the postseason, the raptors are back in the new season with a point to prove. Despite this outstanding performance as of late, the Raptors haven’t always been the most popular teams within the NBA. With several bookies seeing a trend with the Lakers coming out on top for betting odds when it comes to the betting odds for the championship-winning team, it is interesting to note that many of those involved in providing an expert view into betting in Canada has seen an increase in the number of people placing their money on the raptors to win.

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Re-signing A Four Year Contract With The Raptors

With some amazing players already in the squad such as Kyle Lowry, Dewan Hernandez and Norman Powell and many more, the news of VanVleet returning to the squad this year could not have come at a better time. With the $85 million 4- year contract signed back in September, the superstar had time to join the rest of the squad in training ahead of the return to the league in December. This has bought a huge amount of joy to the fans that have seen a huge number of people taking their bets and placing it on the raptors this season. However, with some disruption still being caused by the pandemic, could this put a spanner in the works for a squad that is rearing and ready to go in the near future. Only time will tell!

The Future Of The 2020/21 Season

Though there has been a final starting date agreed with the NBA, there are some changes to the league that come as a direct response to the pandemic. Not only are their protocols for all players involved, but there is also only 72 games within this season, this is ten games less than a regular NBA season. Though the schedule for these games is set to be released in two separate parts, there have been some core dates released on the NBA website that are as follows:

  • Dec. 11-19: Preseason games
  • Dec. 22 – March 4: First Half of regular season
  • March 5-10: All-Star break
  • March 11-May 16: Second Half of regular season
  • May 18-21: Play-In Tournament
  • May 22-July 22: 2021 NBA Playoffs
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With many of these dates just around the corner, this is the perfect time to get excited about the league and what is next to come for this fantastic team moving forwards.

Whether you have been watching the NBA for a long time now or you are new to the sport, there is plenty for you to look forward to as the season makes its return in just a few weeks.