June 7, 2023

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This tickoutak shows a woman’s stalker entering her home

This tickoutak shows a woman's stalker entering her home

“My whole world has stopped.”

At 10:15 pm on November 22, Hannah Viveret enjoyed a lonely evening in her apartment. “I love to meditate, I love to dance. I record my phone a lot of times when I do that,” she told BuzzFeed.

After about 15 minutes of dancing and meditation, Hannah heard her balcony door crack open. She initially thought it was wind, until she took a closer look and saw a man standing there. The entire conversion can be seen in the following video, which now has 39 million views on TicTac:


At that point you are dancing by yourself and your stalker climbs your second story balcony. # Real shit #scariestmomentofmylife

Original Sound – Hannah Vs.

“My whole world stopped,” Hannah said. “I’m ready to take something out of his pocket, because he’s looking at me and reprimanding me for things I do not understand. He does not take his hands out of his pockets.”

TickTalk / rhrviverette / via tiktok.com

Hannah says she thinks the man climbed to the top of the building on her balcony in the second story.

She yelled at him to leave her apartment and saw him going back to the balcony, then she immediately knocked on her neighbor’s door and called 911.

The police did not arrive until 40 minutes after she called, but the investigation was able to move quickly as Hannah had seen the man before. “I’ve seen him many times, but only at my apartment complex. I do not know where he lived, I do not know his name, I know nothing about this man except what he wears, it’s often a sort of architectural attire,” she said. “And he always drives the same white truck.”

The man behaved creepyly towards Hannah on several occasions, looking at her as she sat on the balcony. “He said one thing to make me uncomfortable and he seemed to like it,” she said. “He makes sure I know he’s looking at me.”

In the days following the breakup, Hannah learned that the man was living in a building across the street from her. The morning of the incident, she told the leasing office what had happened and they brought him in for questioning. When his story did not match Hannah’s video evidence, police were able to call him to the station. “When he agreed to climb my balcony he pretty much blamed himself, but lied and said he invited me,” Hannah said.

Matthew Van Dyke / Getty Images

He spent the night in jail, but was released on bail the next morning. Hannah filed one Peace order Against him, this is tantamount to a restraining order, but he will not be evicted from his apartment until December 14th. “He still has two weeks to get fired. That’s not right with me,” she said.

After this incident, Hannah has a terrible realization of something that happened two months ago. “In early September, a month later, I woke up in the middle of the night and found a random notebook lying near my front door on my bed,” she says. It was like a book belonging to a maintenance person, so the next morning she went to the leasing office and demanded that the employees in the building find out if anyone was in her apartment.

Darren Welch / Getty Images

A downtown building in Hagerstown, Maryland.

They found a name in the book, she said, but they did not give her a clear answer. The building staff proceeded to change her locks and she agreed, leaving the book with them. After the breakup, she asked if they still had the book, but they could not find it. Hannah fortunately took photos of the book through her bed at the time, and after a few copies flew in, she realized that the culprit’s name was on top. “My mind has been running ever since, I knew he came into my apartment because I knew he was already there and I was scared,” she said.

Although several residents told Hannah that Hannah was doing maintenance work there and had lived in the building for a long time, her leasing office denied that the man had ever been their employee. Hannah is still legally bound by her lease, so she hires a lawyer – Simone Redwine – to help break it. “I have to be sure from the current apartment where I live,” she said. “She helped me change my life.”

Hannah told her that multiple women in the building had met uncomfortably with the same man. “For me, by making this video go viral, it does some sort of justice,” she said. “He can’t get out with what he’s done and it helps me to be a little better. However, he’s still in danger, he’s still running free, and it’s not right.”

Hannah first uploaded the video on Facebook and Instagram to let her friends and family know what had happened. Two days later, she decided to post on Tic Tac Toe – a platform she had never used before. “I logged into my account 16 hours later to see a million likes and I thought someone had hit me,” she said.


I still dance. The sun is still shining. But … my stalker still runs free. I do not know. As well as. # Dance #ineedtomove # As soon as possible #Fipe # Bishopbrigs

Original Sound – Hannah Vs.

Hannah says she gets love and support from people who have seen the video. “Women have also reached out to me to tell me similar experiences or things they have experienced, they are not lucky to get in the video,” she says. “Or their story has a much scarier ending than me, and how I share this video is something they are proud of about me.”

The break-in was a life-changing experience for Hannah. “When you go through things like that, it’s painful where you live in a stable state. It increases your anxiety, gives me problems sleeping at night. There are so many things running through me every day now head on,” she says.

Hannah is currently in treatment and is receiving support from family and friends as she navigates the road ahead. She also thought a lot about the big picture of what happened to her. “What can we do? Because obviously there is a problem. Many women find it very uncomfortable to go to a place or make progress on their own,” she said. “Some of us say we need to be quiet and that’s not true.”

If you feel you are in imminent danger and / or threatened or stalked, please call 911 immediately. You can find more resources at SPARC.

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