March 25, 2023

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Huawei’s Meng is reportedly in US talks to return to China

Huawei's Meng is reportedly in US talks to return to China

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Nine days after his arrest, China arrested Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spawar in retaliation. They have been in jail ever since.

Justice Department spokesman Mark Raimondi declined to comment. Huawei did not immediately respond to a request from Reuters for comment.

The handover hearing is currently underway in the BC court room.

Her lawyers are gathering information on allegations that Canadian authorities illegally collected evidence against her when she was arrested at Vancouver airport in 2018.

Meng’s defense alleges that the premeditated plan to arrest her on board the plane for “secret criminal investigation” was changed in the pursuit of routine immigration tests on the orders of U.S. officials.

Finally, Meng is interrogated by border officials for about three hours before being notified of her arrest and the lawyer’s right.

File photo: On March 6, 2019, BC Supreme Court in Vancouver called on China to release Canadian prisoners Michael Spover and Michael Kovrig during a hearing assigned to Huawei Technologies Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou. Photo by Lindsay Wason /REUTERS

Border officials working at the airport that day said they had their own concerns about Meng’s acceptance into Canada and denied the allegations made by her lawyers.

Sergeant. Ross Lundy told the court he would always discourage his officers from making arrests on planes unless there was an immediate public safety issue.

He said Meng posed no danger to his knowledge, but planes could be tough places and accidents. He said it was safe to make an arrest at the gate, border screening area or anywhere else.

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