March 31, 2023

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Jared Dudley thinks Los Angeles Lakers teammate Anthony Davis is in the starting lineup for the MVP season

Jared Dudley thinks Los Angeles Lakers teammate Anthony Davis is in the starting lineup for the MVP season

Angels – Anthony Davis He could replenish his bank account by signing a five-year, $ 190 million extension with the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, but one of his teammates now wants to fill his awards shelf.

“I hope AD goes for MVP,” the Lakers go on Jared Dudley Said in a videoconference call with reporters on Thursday. “I hope he sets the tone. We know [LeBron James], His years of playing in this league, the accolades he received, but some accolades for AD. He has talent, he has determination. … He is the future and he is now. “

Davis, 27, finished sixth in MVP voting last season, his first with the Lakers. His best finish for this award was third in 2017-18.

He will have competition in second place James Giannis Antetoconpo For the Maurice Podoloff Trophy last season. James signed an extension of contract with the Lakers this week, with a two-year, $ 85 million contract that will keep him in LA until 2022-23.

“We are led by the best player in the world, and then the second best player in the world,” Markif Morris Didn’t figure out who was the best between Davis and James. “Or 1A and 1B, but you want to do it.”

Morris says he has re-signed with the Lakers to look for another trophy: Larry O’Brien, the league champion. Any personal applause coming for the Lakers in 2020-21 is welcome, however, as the group’s vision is repeated.

“Shoot, we have LeBron James,” Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope Said Thursday. “His mentality and the way he approaches the game, it’s going to rub off on everyone. I know he’s coming back to compete. Especially for that second championship, and he’s going to let us know from the jump at any moment. As our leader, you have to respect that. I respect that.

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“So, that guy, LeBron James, I think he’s going to keep it as simple as possible. He’s going to keep it as simple as that. He’s our leader and all we have to do is be mentally ready and ready to play.”

Davis, in his first comments after signing the extension on Thursday, told Spectrum Sports Net that the championship was already on his mind.

“I was so inspired, I want to do it again,” Davis said. “When we won the Western Conference Finals, Bron said, ‘Wait until you win the championship and you will have that trophy, your love for winning will increase.’ And since I grabbed that trophy, I want to do it again.

“You want to hold that trophy over and over again. You ‘re addicted to winning. So I want that feeling again. I want to grab that Larry O’Brien trophy again and become a contestant where I’ve been and where people are. Use it for everything. They’m good memes.”